Cradle and forty water ceremony of Tatar Ethnic Group

Among the traditional life ceremonies of the Tatar nationality, the cradle ceremony and 40 water ceremony are two old important ceremonies with thick characteristics. 

The Tatar nationality sees the birth of a baby as a special big happy event of the family and the relatives and neighbors. According to the traditional habit, besides giving congratulations and presents, a series of ceremonial activities will be held. For example, on the third day after the baby is born, the naming ceremony is held. The traditional method is to let the religious clergymen help to choose a scripture name from the Islamic scripture as the given name. When the child grows up, his/her father’s name will be added after that of himself/herself, and adds the name of the tribe or birthplace of himself/herself to make up the individual name. On the seventh day after the baby is born, the cradle ceremony will be held. The baby’s maternal grandfather prepares a baby cradle in advance, and presents it together with the clothing and toys to his grandson or granddaughter, to show the care of the maternal family to the growth of the child.

On the 40th day, the 40 water ceremony will be held. On this day, the parents and all the family members of the baby will start out to carry clean clear water from 40 different places (including the home of neighbors, relatives and friends), and collect the water into a bathtub to have a bath for the baby. At the same time, they will entertain the guests that come to express congratulations with the rich grabbed rice and stewed mutton without soy sauce.

The Tatar nationality believes, after the child has a bath with the water from all directions, he/she will have the ability of adapting to all kinds of environments and growing healthily. The cradle ceremony and 40 water ceremony fully show the limitless bless and care of the Tatar nationality to the newly born baby. Concurrently, it also reacts people’s sense of responsibility and ardent expectations to flourish and develop their own nationality.