Tajik Ethnic Group: The colored clouds on the roof of the world

In midsummer, you come to the Pamirs, which is called as “the roof of the world”. By looking far into the distance, the connected mountains are all dressed in white snow and winded around with white cloud; by looking at the near sides, the stream water is murmuring, and the green grasses are lush and long. The clothing and decorations of the Tajik herdsmen, who live here, are also full of poetic charm, just as the scenery here, and they are described as “the colored clouds on the roof of the world”. 

Generally, the Tajik men wear a black or blue long coat with no collar and with buttons down the front outside the white shirt, bind a belt around the waist, and hang a knife on the right side. They wear a pair of long-leg boots that are made of wide male goat’s skin, and wear a round rolling-hem high hat with black lamb’s skin as lining and black velveteen as outside. They ride the fine horses and run between the pastures and snowy mountains and in the blue sky and under the white clouds, and look very mighty, natural and unconstrained. The dresses of the women of the Tajik nationality are bright-colored and dazzling, and full of charm. They generally like wearing red or multicolored dresses embroidered with lace, and black flannel sleeveless garment outside it, and wear trousers on the lower part of the body, and red long-leg boots with soft sole on the feet.

To keep out the strong wind and coldness on the plateau, they always wear an embroidered cotton hat in the shape of round tube. The back edge of the hat is comparatively longer, and can cover the ears and back neck. The hats of young women are inlaid with ornaments, especially the front edge of the hat is inlaid with rows of bright-colored and sparkling pearls and sliver chains. Matched with earrings and all kinds of gem necklace, and the round breast ornaments that are called as “Aleka”, they look sweet, charming, delicate and beautiful. When they go outside, the outside of hats is decorated with red, yellow or white big gauze kerchief in the length of several meters. When they go in a group, the long gauze kerchief flutter in the wind, just like beautiful colored clouds on the roof of the world.