Shazhou Night Market in Dunhuang

Why is Shazhou Night Market So Special?

Shazhou Night Market is on behalf of Dunhuang Nightlife and regarded as a “nightlife landscape”. It is highly popular among the tourists all over the world with its featured local specialties as well as strong flavor of local culture.  Dunhuang used to be called Shazhou. The market is divided into five zones – food & snacks, art crafts, Sanbaotai teahouses, agricultural products and souvenirs, which form a bustling night picture with unique folk customs.

Where is Shazhou Night Market?

Located in East Yangguan Road, Shazhou Night Market is one of the most interesting night markets in China. It is a must-go site at night if you are staying at Dunhuang for a night and a good place to go if you are ready to try some of the locate delicacy and snacks as well. Near Dunhuang downtown area, 13 km away from Dunhuang Airport and 11 km away from Dunhuang Railway Station, Shazhou Night Market is very convenient to get to.

How to Get to Shazhou Night Market?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

Airport Shuttle Bus can take you to Shazhou Night Market within 20 minutes at a cost of 6 RMB. Public bus is available from Railway station to Dunhuang City and then you need to walk about dozens of minutes. Taxi in Dunhuang is inexpensive and time-saving

Main Attractions in Shazhou Night Market

Yellow Noodle

From the mural in No. 156 Grotto of Mogao Cave, we can learn that ramen is a traditional food in China with long history. Yellow Noodle is such a kind of ramen prevailed in Dunhuang, renown as Wonder in China.  Shunzhang Yellow Noodle Restaurant is a centuries-old restaurants selling authentic Yellow Noodle.


Handcrafts of carpet, painted sculpture, craftworks of camels, luminous cup, calligraphy and painting and Dunhuang wax printing, etc are the most famous. The street is lined with antique-architectural-style buildings on its two sides. These stalls full of bright shines extend to far from north to south. 


In herbs and grain selling section, tourists can find  a lot of dry herbs. If you are interested in them, the night market is an ideal place to go. Gansu is a famous place in China for special kinds of herbs, for the high quality and reasonable price.

Useful Travel Tips

  1.  The street is lined with antique-architectural-style buildings on its two sides. These stalls full of bright shines extend to far from north to south.
  2. Dunhuang Shazhou night market opens all day, but the best time to attend is after eight o’clock at night.

Nearby Attractions

Edited by Emily Wang/王海玲