Mountain Resort and Its Outlying Temples in Chengde

Mountain Resort and Its Outlying Temples

The Mountain Resort was built between 1703 and 1792. The Mountain Resort, located in the city of Chengde in northeastern Hebei province, is China’s largest imperial garden. It used to be a summer resort and hunting ground for emperors of the Qing Dynasty. In 1994, the Mountain Resort became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

History of Mountain Resort and Its Outlying Temples

The construction of Mountain Resort and Its Outlying Temples took place over a period of 90 years-starting from the 42nd year of Emperor Kangxi’s reign, rebuilt and expanded during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng and Qianlong, and completed in the 57th year of Emperor Qianlong’s Reign. More palaces and a majority of large gardens were built. The Kangxi, Qianlong and Jiaqing emperors often spent several months a year here to escape the summer heat in the capital city of Beijing and the palace zone in the southern part of the resort was therefore designed to resemble the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Main Attractions of Mountain Resort and Its Outlying Temples

Palace Area is located in the southern of the resort, covering a total area of 102,000 square meters. Palace Area was where emperors of Qing Dynasty conducted state affairs, engaged in important political activities, held the vital ceremony and had daily living. And in order to show traditional Chinese virtues of modesty and frugalness to foreign guests, the overall layout of the resort seems simple and generous.

Chengde Mountain Resort in Hebei
Chengde Mountain Resort in Hebei

How to Get to Mountain Resort and Its Outlying Temples?

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Independent Travel

Take NO.5, NO.7, NO.11 or NO.15 bus at Chengde Railway Station / Take NO.5 or NO.8 bus at Chengde Bus Station, you can reach The Mountain Resort. Or taking a taxi is the most convenient way.

Useful Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit

The summer resort was used by emperors to escape the summer heat, so the best time to visit is between mid May – mid October. In addition, snow clad mountains & monasteries in winter are also stunningly beautiful.

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