Mount Siguniang in Sichuan

Siguniang Mountain is revered by the local Tibetans as a divine mountain. According to legend, there were four beautiful girls who in order to protect their beloved giant pandas, fought bravely with fierce demons and eventually became four beautiful and straight peaks, namely Siguniang Mountain (in Chinese, guniang means girl).


  • World Natural Heritage,
  • National AAAA Grade Scenic Spots,
  • National Scenic Area, National Geopark,
  • National Nature Reserve,
  • Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat World Heritage,
  • Top Ten Mountaineering Nationalities.


Siguniang Mountain is located at the junction of Xiaojin County and Wenchuan County in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and is the highest peak of the eastern of the Hengduan Mountains.

How to Get to Mount Siguniang

By Long-distance Bus

Chengdu is the transfer center getting to Mount Siguniang. At present, there is no direct bus to Siguniang Mountain in Chengdu. Tourists can only take the bus to Xiaojin County at Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station and get off at Siguniang Town where Mount Siguniang located. There are three buses to Xiaojin County at 7:30, 09:00 and 12:00 every day, with a journey of about 5 hours and a fare of about 70 yuan.

By Chengdu Scenic Spots Express

At IFS/Chunxi road of Chengdu, tourists can take the express to Mount Siguniang. The journey takes about 5 hours at the cost of 136 yuan for one-way trip and 272 for a round trip. You can book the ticket on WeChat Official Accounts of Express(成都景区直通车).

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Main Attractions

Siguniang Mountain

Siguniang Mountain is made up of four ever-extending peaks that line up from the north to the south within a 3.5-kilometer radius from Yaoguniang Peak(the youngest girl), Sanguniang Peak (the third old girl), Erguniang Peak(the second old girl)to Daguniang Peak(the oldest girl). And its height is 6250 meters , 5,664 meters, 5,454 meters, and 5,355 meters respectively, of which Peak Yaohuniang is the second highest peak in Sichuan Province. The four peaks covered by snow and ice all years. Yaoguniang is the slimmest of its sisters, known as “Oriental Alps”. People often say “Four Girls” that also refers to this highest and most beautiful snow peak most of the time.

Three Valleys

There are three trenches in Siguniang Mountain , Changping trench (long levelground trench), Shuangqiao trench (two bridge trench), Haizi trench (grass land trench). Shuangqiao trench is the most developed ditch, but Changping trench can only allow use horse as transparent tool . Haizi trench is suitable for hiking. Three trenches have its own characteristics. If you are in a hurry, you can play Shuangqiao trench , but you can only visiting by bus, so you may feel less participated, alas, you couldn’t get to see sihuniang mountain.The best choice is Changping trench where you can ride horses and also can see Siguniang Mountain.

Changping Valley

Changping trench is the most typical and beautiful one in three trenches of Siguniang Mountain. Changping Village is located at the entrance of  Changping trench, waling 7-km ,you will see the site of  Lama Temple. After passing through the Lama Temple, the real Changping trench Scenic Area is waiting for us. The scenic area is famous for its snow-capped mountains, pastures, meadows, and virgin forests. Siguniang Mountain is 16 kilometers away from Changpinggou.
The main attractions includes: Lama Temple Site, TangBo Road, dead tree Beach, Red Stone Beach, Wooden Mule, Nest on cliff, cockscomb stone, and Eagle Cliff.
Changping trench is a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts because it’s an important campsite for people who want to climb sanguniang peak and Siguniang peak, as well as an ideal place for rock climbing and ice climbing.

Shuangqiao Valley

Shuangqiao trench is about 7 kilometers away from Rilong Town and it is 34.8 kilometers in length. The main scenery in the ditch is dominated by pastures, small rivers, plank roads, and woods. From Shuangqiaogou, you can see more than a dozen of snow-capped mountains with height above 4,000 meters. Shuangqiao trench is the most developed trench, and it’s the only ditch with sightseeing car. It takes half a day, and the most distinctive scenic spot is the boardwalk of Nianyu Dam(driving away- fish dam).
Haizi trech is 19.2 kilometers long, and is named after more thana dozen of grass land. The scenery of Haizi trench is completely different from that of Shuangqiao trench and Changping trench. The main scenic feature is endless alpine meadows, and it’s a good place to enjoy the beauty of Siguniang Mountain. And it is also a must necessary path fo climbers to climb the Daguniang Peak.
There are dozens of mountain lakes , such as Big haizi, colorful haizi, Floating haizi, White haizi, Blue haizi, and Yellow haizi. The lake is crystal clear.The first half of Haizi trench is majorly alpine meadows, canyon rivers, and alpine waterfalls, while the latter half is high mountain haizi. However, due to the long distance from the entire ditch, some areas are above 4,200 meters). The general tourist can’t get to, so it’s not too much to be disturbed by outsiders.It’s original and pure.

Haizi Valley

Haizi trench is best for a horse- riding tour. Because of the high altitude, even if you eventually “climb” to the Haizi District, it is estimated that you have no strength to walk back to the downtown. But if you are a true beauty lovers, I suggest you camp overnight in the trench and then you can enjoy the beauty of Haizigou completely.

Four Peaks

Daguniang Peak

5025 meters above sea level, with an absolute height of 1,800 meters or more. Along the way up, there is sufficient water supply ,and the entire route is safe. But no mobile telecommunications signals can be get . For climbers who first challenge mountain like this, the best plan is 3 days’ routing. There are also multiple choices for camping.

The snowfall period is 7 months from December to June. Since most of the snow-capped mountains have relatively short snow lines and relatively low altitudes, Daguniang Peak has low requirements for snow and ice technology, as long as there are professional guides and courage, you can definitely reach the top.

Erguniang Peak

5276 meters above sea level, suitable for experienced amatrure climbers,

Sangguniang Peak

5,355 meters above sea level, climbers with rich knowledge can try to climb, and professional climbing equipment are essential.

Yaoguniang Peak

6250 meters above sea level, she has the most fantastic climbing route, attracting climbing lovers all around the world, and only professional climbers dare to change the mountain .


Accommodation in Siguniang Mountain is mainly distributed in Siguniang Town(former Rilong Town), Changpinggou valley and Shuangqiaogou valley. Rilong town is the main accommodation and reception place for the Mount Siguniang Scenic Spot, with a number of hotels and numerous guest houses and inns. There are many villages or tents in Changping valley where Tibetans live and you can choose to stay here. Compared with Rilong Town and Changpinggou valley, Shuangqiaogou valley has few choices of accommodation and poor conditions. Most tourists will choose to stay in Rilong Town or Changping Village.

Nearby Attractions

  • Huanglong National Scenic Reserve: Known as the ‘World Wonder’ and ‘Fairy Land on Earth’, and it’s famous for colorful lakes, snow clad mountains, valleys and virgin forest.
  • Jiuzhai Valley National Park (Jiuzhaigou): It is said that if there should be wonderlands on the earth, Jiuzhai Valley must be one of them. There is no equal elsewhere that has sceneries and fables of dreamlike eloquence, or natural purities like a fairyland as it.

Useful Travel Tips

Before carring out outdoor activities, it is necessary to) to report the administrate bureau (at the entrance of the Changpinggou scenic spot), and find a local leader.

Only climbers who hold a mountaineering permit can participate in mountaineering activities. If you do not have a mountaineering permit, you must go to the Outdoor Activity Center to complete the mountaineering procedures and pay fees.

foreign guests: $30/person; $700/group

How to Deal with Altitude Sickness?

Siguniang Mountain belongs to a high-altitude area. A small number of people will have some degree of altitude sickness, but this is normal. As long as you are healthy, you will quickly adapt to the plateau climate, so there is no need to bear the burden. The main symptoms of altitude sickness are headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, vomiting, nausea, insomnia, etc. Generally speaking, after 1-2 days, the above symptoms will gradually decrease and disappear.

It is not appropriate to exercise vigorously and drink alcohol at the first two days. Patients with severe heart or lung diseases, or hypertension should avoid travel to plateau area.

Admission Fee

Changping trench:70 RMB
Shuangqiao trech:80 RMB
Haizi trench:60 RMB
Outdoor exercise:150 RMB

For more detailed information, please see Mount Siguniang Travel Guide.