Kunming–Bangkok Expressway

Kunming–Bangkok Expressway is a proposed international expressway running from Kunming, Yunnan province, People’s Republic of China, to Bangkok, Thailand via Laos The first expressway sections were opened in 2008.[1]

The expressway will be approximately 1,900 km (1,200 mi) in length when complete; about 730 km (450 mi) was completed from Kunming via Xiaomenyang to Jinghong) and crossing the Lao border at Mohan, all in Yunnan, by 2017 [2] and the next 250 km (160 mi) of the Highway, south of China within Laos follows Route 13 then Route 3.

It was jointly funded by China, Laos, Thailand and the Asian Development Bank.

It traverses jungle and highlands in southern Yunnan and Northern Laos before entering Thailand at Chiang Khong. It then continues southward, largely following Thai Route 1, which becomes an Expressway standard road near Bangkok but which is largely an at grade dual carriageway along most of its length within Thailand

The entire road is a non Expressway standard undivided 2 lane highway within Laos as of May 2019.

Section Length (km)1 National
Status and comments
Yunnan, CN
Kunming – Yuxi 86 G8511 6-lane expressway completed (1999)
Yuxi – Yuanjiang 112 G8511 4-lane expressway completed (2000)
Yuanjiang – Mohei 147 G8511 Expressway Completed (Dec 2003)
Mohei – Simao 71 G8511 Expressway Completed (Apr 2011)
Simao – Xiaomenyang 97 G8511 Expressway Completed (Apr 2006)
Xiaomenyang – Mohan/Boten 217 G8511 Expressway Completed
Mohan/Boten (Yunnan) – Nateuy 20 Route 13 Expressway Completed
Nateuy – Luang Namtha 45 Route 13B Expressway Completed
Luang Namtha – Ban Houayxay 197 Route 3 Ferry across Mekong, Fourth Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge finished on December 11, 2013 [3]
Chiang Khong – Chiang Rai 113 1020 Planned, Alt route 1174/1098/1173
Chiang Rai – Chai Nat 562 1 Divided highway (named Phahonyothin Road)
Chai Nat – Bang Pa-In 194 32 Divided highway
Bang Pa-In – Bangkok 49 1/31 Divided highway (named Phahonyothin Road & Vibhavadi Rangsit Road)

1Some distances on existing roads if expressway distances unavailable

Expressways also planned or under construction: Kunming to Mandalay (Burma) and Kunming to Hanoi (Vietnam).