Jiuwu Town in Lingchuan County, Guilin

Why is Jiuwu Town So Special?

The 95 town is famous for its contribution to agriculture. It is China’s new national rice planting base. The forest coverage rate made the ninth five-year plan the “hometown of national afforestation”.

Where is Jiuwu Town

Jiuwu town is located in the northwest of Guilin. The 95 town covers an area of 217 square kilometers and still maintains its original way of life. Of the 27,000 people, many ethnic minorities such as Yao, Zhuang and Hui have been residents since ancient times.

Main Attraction of Jiuwu Town

Jiangtou village is one of the oldest towns in Guilin, with a history of more than 800 years. The village has more than 620 ancient buildings, most of which were built in the Ming and Qing dynasties. In this village, ancient water wells, long stone alleys, stone arch bridges and exquisite wood carvings of doors and windows vividly show the rich Chinese villages in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Jiangtou ancient village is mainly famous for its ancient houses, narrow alleys and beautiful natural environment. It is a relief and a typical Chinese landscape during your trip to Guilin.

There are 158 families with a population of 680. The surname of all villagers is Zhou, because their ancestor is Zhou dunyi, a famous philosopher in the northern song dynasty (more than 1,000 years ago). his essay “ailian” is very famous and almost all Chinese students can recite it.

These wooden structures in Jiangtou Village are very unique and elegant: brick walls to prevent rainwater from penetrating, black ceramic tiles to record the history of the village, decorative beams to reflect the profound local culture, and decorative carved gates representing the unique flavor of the building. After hundreds of years of wind and rain, these buildings are still the same. In fact, they still rule the village and are the home of the local people.

Best Time to Travel Jiuwu Town

The best travel time is April to October.

Guilin has a relatively low latitude. Belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate. Generally speaking, Guilin has a mild climate with distinct seasons and excellent climatic conditions. The annual average temperature is 19.3℃, which is said to be “less snow in three winters and flowers in four seasons”. When traveling to Guilin, the best season is from April to October each year, during which there will be two golden weeks of “may day” and “November”, which is also the peak period of tourism. Guilin with suitable climate will have many tourists, room reservation and transportation will also enter a climax, and the price will rise compared with usual. therefore, it is better to avoid this time and choose an off-season to travel and appreciate the beauty of the world.

How To Get  There

Traffic development in the 95 town is good. Now people can easily get to this ancient town by bus or coach. On the way to the ninth five-year plan, passengers can see beautiful natural scenery.

by bus or coach with about 1- 1.5 hours driving time

Useful Travel Tips

Entrance Fee Free of charge
Opening Hours The whole day

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