Inner Mongolia nature reserve sees over 100,000 migratory birds

More than 100,000 migratory birds, including precious white cranes and bustards, have recently arrived at a national nature reserve in Northern China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, local authorities said Sunday.

The birds will make a stopover in the Tumuji National Nature Reserve, an important stop for migratory birds, before heading to the warm southern areas, according to the nature reserve administration.

More than 2,000 white cranes and over 100 bustards, both species under the first-class state protection in China, as well as hundreds of grey cranes that are listed the second-class state protection, have been spotted there.

Located in the border area of northern China’s Inner Mongolia and northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin, the Tumuji National Nature Reserve has seen significant improvement in its environment, thanks to a series of supporting policies rolled out by the local government over the past few years.

Efforts include greater protection of migratory birds, returning cultivated land to forests and wetlands, banning grazing, enhancing inspection and pratol and employing more forest rangers.

Source: Xinhua                                                            Update: November 6, 2019