Hancheng Confucius Temple in Weinan

Why is Hancheng Confucius Temple so Special?

Hancheng Confucius Temple located in Dongxue Lane(东学巷), Jincheng District(金城区), Hancheng City(韩城市) of Shanxi Province(陕西省) is the third largest shrine specially built for offering sacrifices to Confucius, a great thinker and educator in ancient China. It is the third largest Confucius temple in China, second only to the Confucius temple in Qufu, Shandong Province and Confucius temple in Beijing Guozijian Street. In terms of construction age, it ranks fifth in China, even the Confucius temple in Beijing is later than it. Confucius Temple is a set of architecture groups of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) that are preserved intact. Currently, it has 22 main and complementary buildings, altogether 78 rooms, and is the largest and best preserved ancient architecture in western China.

Architecture of Hancheng Confucius Temple

The Confucius Temple is made up of five main buildings and four tightly connected courtyards. Lingxing Gate(棂星门) is the portal of the temple. After walking through the portal, one will enter the first courtyard with masses of flowers and shady trees. On the eastern and western side of the courtyard, the Clothes Changing Pavilion (更衣亭) and Zhai Room(斋房) stand symmetrically, and the three rooms to the north are situated by the Vouge Gate (吉门), which leads to the second courtyard. Further north lies the Dacheng Palace(大成宫), the main building here, in which sacrifices were performed on the memorial tablet of Confucius. Passing through the doorway of the angle will lead to the third courtyard, the place in which Confucius gave lessons of disabusing. The fourth courtyard lies across Minglun Hall(明伦堂), as well as the Zunjing Pavilion(遵景阁), which is used to store volumes of sermons.

Features of Hancheng Confucius Temple

  • Tangible Cultural Heritages
  • National Relic Protection Unit

Main Attractions of Hancheng Confucius Temple

  • Lingxing Gate(棂星门) is the main gate of Confucius Temple, it is the hanging mountain type and consists of three wooden archways. Pillars through the house, commonly known as Tongtian Pillar(通天柱).
  • Dacheng Palace(大成宫): Pass the “Ji Gate”(戟门) and enter the second courtyard. To the north is the main building of the Confucian temple, “Dacheng Palace”, where the memorial tablets of Confucius are placed.
  • Entering the third courtyard, Minglun Hall(明伦堂) is spacious and bright, writing “teacher’s dignity” four large characters of the plaque hanging in the hall is above, the font vigorous and deep, this is the place of “preaching and teaching”.
  • Zunjing Pavilion(尊经阁) is 3.65 meters high, looking around the pavilion, the panoramic view of the ancient city can be seen.

How to get to Hancheng Confucius Temple from Xi’an

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Independent Travel

For Independent travelers you can

  • Car/bus: take bus No. 101 or 102 in Hancheng new city can get there. The temple is very close to the bus station in Nanguan. After visiting the temple, you can take a bus to Sima Qian Temple nearby.
  • Train:  take No.101  to Nanguan in Hancheng railway station (terminus, 1 yuan) and transfer to the oblique opposite to No. 102, arriving Dongxue Alley after three stops, You can walk 3-5 minutes to the Confucius Temple.