Double Eleven sees surge in travel sales

In terms of sales, nothing’s bigger than China’s “Double Eleven” shopping festival. Traditionally clothing, electronics and cosmetics are among the most popular items, but this year many e-commerce platforms saw explosive growth in travel. 

Since the end of October, a number of online travel platforms have been discounting tickets, flights, hotels and tour packages as part of the Double Eleven sales. 

The number of orders on Zhongxin Travel increased by more than 100 percent, the travel platform reported. 

According to the 10-day pre-sale data released by Fliggy, Alibaba’s online travel platform, people from Guangdong were the biggest shoppers when it came to travel. Family tours were the fastest-selling category. Tour packages to Europe, North America and Australia also surged in popularity. Additionally, next year’s Tokyo Olympics likely played a role on ticket sales to Osaka’s Universal Studios, which was nearly double the amount from last year, said Fliggy. 

According to Zhongxin Travel, 75 percent of the travel booked were for the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, China’s biggest holiday which falls on January 25, 2020.

Source: CGTN                                                                                                               Update: November 12, 2019