Zhaotong Dining

Zhaotong food is effected by Sichuan cuisine and Guizhou Cuisine. It has Sichuan cuisine's spicy and pungent flavor and Guizhou cuisine's intence, and they are good at using ingredients and pickling. Thay emphasize that the spicy and pungent flovor can defeat the damp.

What to eat

1.Dilute soybean meal 油糕稀豆粉(油糕饵块)

Zhaotong people like to put the Deep fired shrip Cake and Toasted Rice Flour Cake together to eat. And it is not only delicious, but rich in vegetable protein, because it is liquid-like food, so can easily be absorbed, it is the case, it has become the ages of food.

2.Zhaotong Steamed-Pot Chicken with gastrodia 昭通天麻汽锅鸡Zhaotong Steamed-Pot Chicken with gastrodia is a famous local specialty of Yunnan. It is renowned for its unique way of cooking, fragrant aroma and rich ion.                     

3.Zhaotong souce 昭通酱 
Maybe the mountainous area is so poor that they put the souce into their dishes which are watery and tasteless soup.

4.Zhenxiong Tangyuan(Glutinous Rice Balls)镇雄汤圆
In ancient time, people showed their awe to the myth figures, and there were a lot of mountains. So people made the Tangyuan in mountain’s shape to expect the favorable weather and the abundant natural resouces.

Where to buy

People can buy them in every restuarant in Zhaotong.

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