Xian Travel Tips

Xi'an travel tips are what you have to know about before you travel to Xi'an, and are still vital and useful during your Xi'an tour.  We listed some useful information about Xi'an travel tips including the FAQ of Xi'an tour, you are welcomed to take it as reference when you plan Xi'an tour, and do not hesitate to contact our consultant if you have any questions in Xi'an tour.

Useful Numbers 

Here below are some useful telephone numbers in Xi'an and postcodes of Xi'an for you to have a convenient Xi'an tour.

China International country code number 0086
Ambulance 120
Fire 119
Police 029-110
Xi'an Public Security Bureau 029-87234500
Telephone Information Enquiry 114
Traffic Accidents 122
Weather Report 121
Post Code Check 184
Time Check 117
Consumer Complaint Center 12315
National Tourist Service Hotline 12301
Legal Service 1600148
Tourist Complaints Hotline 029-87630166
Price Complaint 12358
Expressage 185
Shaanxi Tourists Complain 029-85261059
Shaanxi Tourism Quality Supervision 029-85261437
Xi'an Tourists Complain & Consultant 029-87630166/87611460
Xian Public Security Bureau 029-87234500

Postcodes of Each District in Xi'an

 Weiyang District (未央区)   710016 
 Xincheng District (新城区)  710005 
Beilin District (碑林区)  710001 
Lianhu District (莲湖区)  710003 
 Baqiao District (灞桥区)  710038
 Yanta District (雁塔区)  710061
Yanliang District (阎良区)  710089
Lintong District (临潼区)  710600 
Chang'an District (长安区)  710100 
 Gaoling District (高陵区)  710200
 Huyi District (鄠邑区)  710300
 Lantian County (蓝田县)  710500 
 Zhouzhi County (周至县)  710400 

Things to Do in Xi'an

During your Xi'an tour, you can visit the historical relics, museums, enjoy local food as Xi'an is renamed as the capital of snacks, moreover, travel to Mt.Huashan is also highly recommended while cycling on Xi'an Ancient City Wall is a must-do during your travel to Xi'an.

Must-see Attractions for First-time Visit to Xi'an

As an ancient capital of 13 dynasties, Xi'an is rich in its culture and has a collection of historical sites. The following scenic spots are the most popular ones in Xi 'an and also the must-see attractions for first-time visit to Xi’an, including historical sites, food streets and city landmarks, such as  Terra-Cotta Warriors,  Muslim Quarter,  Xi'an Ancient City Wall ,  Bell Tower and Drum TowerShaanxi History Museum and Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. Except Terracotta Warriors, which is 40 km (25 mi) northeast of downtown, almost all the sites can be reached by metro, being convenient especially for first-time visitors.

How to Tour around Xi'an Ancient City Wall 

The Ancient City Wall is the landmark of Xi'an. Do you know that it has 18 gates!? And you can get onto the wall from every of the gates, while the mostly used ones for accessing are South Gate (Yongning Gate) which is the popular one among tourists and also the welcoming gate for distinguished guests; East Gate, which is said to be the common choice of local travel agencies.

Well, no matter which gate you choose, now you are on the city wall finally, then how to tour around? Two suggestions: first, also the most popular one is cycling around on the city wall, you will feel the intimate tie with history although you are passing though modern buildings on both sides; the second one is relaxing, there are sightseeing cars operated on the wall, you can enjoy the scenery at ease. If you come to Xi'an during the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival held on the wall in the evening is the best choice.


  • Ticket Price: 54 yuan (full rate)
  • South Gate (North Opening), South Gate (South Opening): ticket booth opening from 8:00 to 24:00
  • Bicycle Rent: 200 yuan of deposit, 45 yuan for solo bicycle and 90 yuan for tandem bicycle within 2 hours

Do not Miss the Music & Light Fountain Show at the North Square of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

As the famous landmark in Xi 'an, the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda welcomes thousands of tourists each day. After visiting the sites in the day time, it is highly recommended not to miss the fountain performance in the evening, which contributes to the glamorous night scene. The fountain performance begins at 20:30 and additional schedule at 18:00 on weekends. The tower is even more beautiful against the fountain performance. The northern end of the music fountain, or the viewing platform between the fountain and the Pagoda, is the best place to take photos. This location is extremely popular and needs to be occupied one hour before the performance starts.

Be Aware of Fake Tourism Bus No.5 (306) to Terra-Cotta Warriors

The Tourism Bus No. 5(306) is the exclusive line to Terra-Cotta Warriors, passing by the  Huaqing Palace and Huaqing Hot Spring, it is parked on the east square of Xi’an Railway Station and there is usually a line of visitors getting onboard one after another, costing 7 yuan to the Terra-Cotta Warriors and 5 yuan to the Huaqing Palace and Huaqing Hot Spring. Please mind the unofficially operated buses also named themselves Tourism Bus No. 5(306), in blue color, which may take visitors to a lot of souvenir stores and overcharges. The bus ticket rises to 10 yuan. 

Watch the Ancient Qinqiang Opera Performance

Originated in the Yellow River Valley of Shaanxi and Gansu provinces in northwest China, Qinqiang Opera is a local opera that can be named as the Forefather of Chinese Operas, boasting the most ancient, affluent and largest musical system of all Chinese operas. Its repertoires usually feature such themes as anti-aggression wars, the fight between the loyal and the treacherous, and the struggles against oppression, as well as a number of other topics of strong human interest that reflect the honest, diligent, brave, and upright characteristics of the local people. You can see the native Qingqiang Opera lovers performing in the park on the foot of the Xi'an Ancient City Wall. 

FAQs of Xi'an Tour

Searching for the FAQ of Xian tour online may also bring you helpful information needed when you plan Xi'an tour. The following is the collection of the related ones.

How Many Days Are Needed for Xi'an Tour

Normally, 4-5 days are recommended for Xi'an tour. Xi 'an's urban attractions, such as the Ancient City Wall, Bell Tower and Muslim Quarter are relatively concentrated. Thanks to the convenience of subway and public transportation in the city, you can fully visit the ancient capital and taste delicious food in 2-3 days. While the surrounding Lishan-Huaqingchi-Terracotta Warriors line only takes one day. If there is a plan to visit Mount Huashan, it is recommended to leave out another 1-2 days.

Best Time to Visit Xi'an

Considering the climate and weather conditions in Xi'an, the best time to visit Xi'an is Spring and Autumn, from March to MaySeptember to November. For tourists from southern regions, winter is also an agreeable time to visit Xi'an with less crowded scenic spots, and it is high time to experience the snowy scenes, moreover, the tour budget can be lowered. 

What to Wear in Xi'an

It gets warm in March and April and cools down in September and October. The temperature difference between the morning and evening will be large during these two periods. You should wear a long-sleeved coat to keep warm. The weather is hot from June to August, you should wear short shirts and other summer clothes. Pay attention to sun protection. In addition, Xi 'an has a dry climate and it is sometimes dusty in spring. It is recommended to bring Skin - Moisturizers and windproof scarves.

Where to stay

Hotels near  Ancient City Wall,  Bell Tower,  Drum Tower and Muslim Quarter are the first choice for tourists due to the convenient transportation and easy reaching to the city center to enjoy shopping and local delicacies. Another recommended accommodation area is Giant Wild Goose Pagoda where you are close to the music fountain performance and amazing night scenery. If you plan to visit Mount Huashan, it is recommended to stay overnight there to restore yourself and enjoy the sunrise. There are also hotels available in Mt. Huashan Scenic Spot. For more information, please refer to Xian Accommodation. 

Xi'an Food

Xi'an is famous for its snacks among tourists, and there are so many to try such as Yangrou Paomo, Rou Jia Mo, Liangpi and Biang Biang Noodles, etc. The popular places to the enjoy  the local food are Muslim Quarter, Yongxingfang, Sajinqiao and commercial area near the Bell Tower and Drum Tower, etc. If you want to read more, please refer to Xian Dining.

The Best Food You Must Eat in Xian

Xi'an Shopping

Shopping in Xi’an is another attractive thing for tourist while enjoying the numerous historical sites and cultural relics. Xi’an shopping usually highlights the local products and souvenirs, such as Calligraphy Rubbings, Tang Tri-color Porcelain Replicas, Terracotta Warriors Replicas, Paper Cuts, Dry-cured Beef, Dried Persimmon & Walnut & Shaanxi Jujube and Xifeng Liquor. This part will tell you what and where to buy in Xi’an.

Which Hospitals Should I Go if I Feel Sick during Xi'an Tour?

  • Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital 陕西省人民医院
    Address: No. 256, West Youyi Road (友谊西路256号)
    Tel: (029) 85251331
  • Xi Jing Hospital 西京医院
    Address: No. 256, West Youyi Road (长乐西路15号)
    Tel: 029-83215321(online reservation), 029-84774114(operator), 029-84775539(emergency)
  • The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University 西安交大医学院二附院
    Address: No. 157, Xi Wu Road (西五路157号)
    Tel: 029-87679000, 029-87679323
  • Xi’an Children’s Hospital 
    Address: No.69, Xijuyuan lane, Xinmen (西举院巷69号)

Other Tips:

Consumption Level in Xi'an & Budget for Xi'an Tour

Xi 'an's overall consumption level is in the middle and upper grade nationwide, lower than that of first-tier cities.

  • Attraction Tickets: Compared with other expenses, attraction tickets will account for a larger proportion. Major attractions such as Terra-cotta Warriors cost 150 yuan, Xi 'an City Wall 54 yuan, Mt. Huashan 180 yuan. From November 15 to the end of February of the following year, some scenic spots will implement off-season fare, which is about 75-80% of the original price. For details, please check on the website in advance.
  • Food and Beverage: Prices of the food and beverage in the Muslim Quarter are generally on the high side, usually 15-35 yuan/bowl of Yangrou Paomo, 8-15 yuan/piece of Rou Jia Mo, and 6-8 yuan/bowl of Liangpi. If you eat breakfast in a small roadside restaurant outside Muslim Quarter, 10 yuan will be enough.
  • Accommodation: Taking the areas of Bell Tower, Drum Tower and Muslim Quarter where tourists are most concentrated for example, 40-70 yuan per person for youth hotels, 150-250 yuan per night for economic hotel chains, and 450-800 yuan per night for high-end star hotels. Prices will vary in the peak and off seasons.
  • Transportation: The public transportation in Xi 'an mainly include subways and buses, and the fare is 1-5 yuan. Taxi starting price is 9 yuan.

Budget for Xi'an Tour:

72-Hour Visa-Free Transit is Implemented in Xi’an

Passport holders of 51 countries can enjoy a visa-free stay up to 72 hours when taking an international transfer via Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. Read more about the 72-Hour Visa-Free Transit

Travel Security

Xi 'an people are warmhearted and the local public security is good, but in crowded places such as railway station, bus station and music fountain in the North Square of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, you must pay attention to your own safety and property safety, keep your bag in front. Don't hang your mobile phone or camera around your neck. Pay attention to the people behind you when getting on the bus. At night, you should travel together with your friends. Walking along the park around the city is safe. 

Post Office You May Need

  •  Bell Tower Post Office
    Address: No. 1, North Street of Bell Tower Square 北大街1号
    Tel: 029-87275463
  • Xi'an Municipal Post Office
    Address: Post Building, Keji Road 科技路邮政大厦 
    Tel: 029-87275463

Bank of China in Xi’an: Offer Money Exchange Service

  • Drum Tower Branch 
    Address: No. 1, Fenglei Lane, Beilin District 碑林区风雷巷1号
    Tel: (029)87638506
  • Bell Tower Branch 
    Address: No. 113, Middle Section of South Street, Beilin District 碑林区南大街中段113号
    Tel: (029)87271603,(029)87281287
  • Bell Tower Branch 
    Address: No. 38, Juhuayuan, Beilin District 碑林区菊花园38号

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