Ulanqab Administrative Divisions

Ulanqab Administrative Division: up to October, 2018, Ulanqab has juridiction over  one municipal district, one county-level city, four banners and five counties.

One Municipal District: Jining District (集宁区 )

One County-level City: Fengzhen City (丰镇市)

Four Banners: Qahar Right Front Banner (察哈尔右翼前旗), Qahar Right Middle Banner (察哈尔右翼中旗), Qahar Right Rear Banner (察哈尔右翼后旗), Dorbod Banner (四子王旗)

Five Counties: Zhuozi County (卓资县), Huade County (化德县), Shangdu County (商都县), Xinghe County (兴和县), Liangcheng County (凉城县)