Lijiang Shopping

From the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Lijiang is an important trade road, just as famous as the Silk Road which was prosperous in southwestern China. Thousands of years of changes has resulted in the disappearance of the road. The exception is Lijiang Old Town, which was a vital commercial distributing center. The town including its original commercial pattern centering round the Square Street is in service to this day.

What to buy

In recent years, with its tourist industrial development, Quick Guide offers various kinds of souvenirs to its visitors. Of particular interest are the exotic handcrafts of the Naxi Group.

Local crafts are colorful and unique. Naxi bracelets and necklaces carved with ancient Dongba hieroglyphs seem popular with visitors. Individually designed T-shirts can be created as locals have the capacity to paint on the Dongba hieroglyphics required. Knitted shawls of the Naxi Group have been popular with female visitors for quite some time. All of these things can be easily found in Quick Guide Old Town at a reasonable price.

Other popular souvenirs include the Bunong Jixiang Bells and Naxi murals. Bunong Bells draw their inspiration from the bells of the horse caravans that once traveled the Tea-horse Ancient Road. Local handcrafts show the romantic horse caravan culture from years ago. The Jixiang Bell, known as the lucky bell, was a sacrificial utensil of the Naxi Group. The Naxi Mural is praised as the gem of Naxi culture reflecting the kind and intelligent aspect of Naxi people. A piece of Naxi mural, with its elaborate pictures and use of pastel colors provides a wonderful decorationt to family and friends.

Two kinds of mild wine produced in Lijiang are favored by visitors. U Wine's history can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Sulima Wine is specially brewed by Mosuo people who live in Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, northeast of Lijiang City. It is important to check your country's Customs restrictions prior to purchase if you intend taking these wines out of the country.

Where to buy

Bu Nong Ling (Bunong Bell) 
The most famous shopping center of Lijiang is Square Street, the most bustling area of the city. It provides another interesting experience to your trip. A large number of souvenir stores are located here, selling various kinds of decorations and handicrafts. Some shops are owned locals while others are opened by gold diggers from other places in China.

The best place to buy the exotic Bunong Bell. Belles sold here are completed designed and made by the shopkeeper.
Location: East of the big stone bridge of Lijiang Old Town.

Dongba Ji Xiang Ling (Dongba Lucky Bell)
Location: No.1, Xinyuan Alley, Guangyi Street, Square Street, the Old Town

Li Yin (Li's Silver)
A formal shop sells many kinds of hand-crafted silver ornaments.
Location: No.43, Guanyuan Alley, Guangyi Street, Square Street, the Old Town

Sun Wood-carvings
Location: Mishi Alley, Xinyi Street, Square Street, the Old Town

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