Datong Huairen Airport

Datong Huairen Airport or Huairen Air Base(大同怀仁机场), located in Huairen County, is a People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLA-AF) installation near the Fen River, 43 km (27 mi) south of the city of Datong, in northern Shanxi province, China. It is located in the PLA Beijing Military Region. It formerly served as the main public airport for Datong until replaced by the newly built Datong Yungang Airport in 2006.

It is the headquarters of the PLA-AF 15th Fighter Division which operates Chengdu J-7 fighters and Nanchang Q-5 ground attack aircraft.

Satellite imagery of the site[1] shows a single 10,500 foot runway oriented NE/SW and a full length parallel taxiway connected to revetments at either end of the field.