Cangzhou Celebrity Golf Manor

Cangzhou Celebrity Golf Manor(沧州名人高尔夫球会) plans to cover an area of 5000mu. International golf court of LINKS style 27-hole, five-star SPA resort hotel, Shengtai(盛泰) Celebrity Golf Manor, enterprise commerce clubhouse, large water theme park, sports and leisure center and sound facilities will be built in two phases. Cangzhou(沧州) Celebrity Golf Course was designed by one of the world’s top five famous golf course designers, Roger Packard. The 18 holes had been officially opened in May 30, 2008. And another 9 holes are expected to put into service in 2010. All supporting facilities can be available in the golf club, including large modern golf range, coffee shop, exclusive shop, dining room and other functions, which can fulfill various requirements of golfers. It’s located in Zhongjieindustrial parks in Bohai new area(渤海新区中捷产业园区), near by Huanghua(黄骅)port, 210 kilometers from Beijing(北京)and 90 kilometers from Tianjin(天津),located in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei(京津翼)economical circle around Bohai(渤海). It’s easily close to Shihuang(石黄)expressway, Beijing-Shanghai(京沪)expressway,Tianjin-Cangzhou(津沧)expressway, Tianjin-Shantou(津汕)expressway.

Chinese Name:沧州名人高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:河北沧州黄骅市中捷镇友谊农场
Tel:0317-5687171 /5837009
Translated by Kelly Li/李铠利