Yin Xu (Yin Ruins) in Anyang City

Why is Yin Xu So Special

There are a large number of bronzes, stone tools, bone wares, jade wares and other cultural relics with precious historical value in Yin Ruins. The most famous one is the 875 kg Simuwu square tripod, which is the largest and heaviest bronzes ever found in the world. When you come to Anyang, you must go to Yin Ruins to witness the history and culture of Shang Dynasty.

Main Attractions of Yin Xu

Si Muwu Ding

The Shang Dynasty is the second Dynasty in the Bronze Age of China. The bronze culture of Yin Ruins has distinct Chinese characteristics, which is unique in the world bronze civilization and reflects a unique Oriental color. Among them, the Simuwu Ding unearthed from the mausoleum site is the most famous, with a height of 133 cm, a mouth length of 79.2 cm and a weight of 875 kg. It is the largest bronze ware found in the world, representing the highest level of ancient Chinese bronze culture.

Oracle bone inscriptions, known as the earliest systematic writing form in China, are one of the four ancient characters in the world. At present, there are about 150000 pieces of oracle bones and more than 4500 words in Yinxu. According to the 1500 words that Oracle has recognized, Oracle has possessed the basic form of modern Chinese character structure, which lays the foundation for the emergence and development of Chinese calligraphy art.

The Museum of Yin Ruins in Anyang
The Museum of Yin Ruins in Anyang

Architectural Features of Yin Xu

The architecture of the Shang Dynasty, represented by the palace temple and the mausoleum, embodies the pattern, art, method and technology of the palace construction in the Yin and Shang Dynasties, and represents the advanced level of the early palace construction in ancient China. The Huanbei Shang city in Yin Ruins, with its high walls, majestic palaces and strict “central axis” layout, has become the feature of Chinese cities in the past thousands of years.

Where is Yin Xu (Yin Ruins)

Yinxu is located around Xiaotun village, Yindu District, Anyang City, Henan Province, with geographical coordinates of 114 ° 18 ′ 50 ″ e, 36 ° 07 ′ 36 ″ n, length and width of about 6 kilometers, total area of about 36 square kilometers, and core area of heritage area of 414 hectares.

How to Get There

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Independent Travel

Self Driving
Take the exit of Anyang of Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, west along people’s road to the Fifth People’s Hospital, turn right (about 8 kilometers and 20 minutes’ drive);

Get off Anyang west station along Anlin expressway, turn left from Wenming avenue to Huaxiang Road to the East, turn right to Angang avenue to the East, and turn left to Yinxu road.

Public Transport
Take No. 1 or 18 bus to Yinxu station and walk north for about 8 minutes.

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