Yantai Hill Scenic Area

Yantai Hill Scenic Area

Yantai Hill scenic area is located at the north end of the urban area, surrounded by the sea on three sides, with beautiful environment and charming scenery, covering an area of 45 hectares. It is a national key cultural relics protection unit, a national AAAA level tourist scenic area and a national marine park, which integrates coastal natural scenery, port opening culture, cultural relics, cultural and natural landscape and foreign customs. Mountain, sea, city, port as one of the unique landscape, Yantai is the first choice for tourism.

Why is Yantai Hill Scenic Area So Special?

Yantai Mountain tourist attraction is the only modern foreign consulate group that has the most complete and intensive preservation in Yazhou. It is a landmark scenic spot of Yantai, a national key cultural relics protection unit, the origin of Yantai city and a national tourist scenic spot.

History of Yantai Hill Scenic Spot

Built in 1398, Hongwu, Ming Dynasty. In 1861, Yantai became the first port in Shandong Province. 17 countries have successively established consulates in and around Yantai Hill. Yantai Hill has become the only most complete and dense group of modern foreign consulates in Asia. Up to now, there are consulates and many villas in six countries, including Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Japan and Denmark.

Main Attractions of Yantai Hill Scenic Spot

Bing Xin Memorial Hall

Bing Xin memorial hall is the former site of the official residence of the inspector general of the East customs. It is now open to the public as Bing Xin Memorial Hall. Bing Xin is an outstanding Chinese literary master, loyal patriot and famous social activist in the 20th century. He has made outstanding contributions to cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and to the cause of women and children. Her growth is closely related to Yantai. This Bing Xin memorial hall displays Bing Xin’s manuscripts, works, photos and objects, and represents Bing Xin’s strong love with Yantai.

Former Site of Danish Consulate

The Danish Consulate, built in 1890, is located at the north end of the Shanxi consulate road in Yantai, surrounded by mountains and ancient trees. It can not only watch the sea and listen to the waves, but also enjoy flowers and stroll. Its environment is very elegant. As a whole, it is of stone structure with three floors, including two floors above the ground. The office and decoration articles displayed and placed in the former site of the current consulate are transported from Denmark to Yantai through the Danish Embassy in China as a friendly exchange and permanent memorial between the two countries.

How to get to Yantai Hill Scenic Area

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Independent Traveler

Take bus No.3, no.6, No.8, No.17, No.43, No.45 and No.46 to the scenic spot.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Service Facilities
    There are commodity sales points in the scenic spot. Tourists can buy shells, shell carvings and other handicrafts. Restaurants in the scenic area are mainly local specialties, including seafood barbecue.

    Tourist Service Center: the tourist service center is located at the entrance of the east gate of the scenic spot, providing tour guide explanation, simple medicine, hot water supply, wheelchair, crutches, small items storage and other services.

  • Price of interpreter: 120 yuan / time for five-star tour guide; 100 yuan / time for four-star tour guide; 80 yuan / time for three-star tour guide; 60 yuan / time for two-star tour guide
  • Parking information: there are 30 parking spaces at the gate, 30 parking spaces in the yard and 10 parking spaces on the roadside.

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