Yangtze Gold 2 Cruise Ship

Yangtze Gold 2 Cruise Ship mainly introduces Yangtze Gold 2 overview including basic information, the reasons to choose it, highlights, facilities, cabin configuration and itinerary, which make you better know Yangtze Gold 2 cruise ship.

With such a cruise ship, she is currently the world’s largest and most advanced inland river luxury cruise ship and her first voyage in Chongqing was on May 7, 2012! She rewrote the history of shipping in the world’s rivers! Since then, a new era of oceanization of the Three Gorges 10,000-ton foreign-related luxury cruise ship has begun! Her name is “Yangtze Gold 2 Cruise Ship” cruise! She designed and built the first ship according to the National Tourism Administration ’s 2008 Classification and Evaluation Standards for Star Ratings of Inland River Cruises, and adopted international advanced concepts and technologies with reference to marine cruise standards to match the world-famous Three Gorges-the international gold tourism line, which is the flagship of the world’s luxury river cruises.

Introduction of Yangtze Gold 2

Yangtze Gold 2 belongs to the second batch of cruise ships of the Yangtze Gold series. Compared with Yangtze Gold 1, it had  a significant breakthrough on the hardware facilities. In addition to having all the functions of the Yangtze Gold 1, it has adopted higher standards in appearance, facilities and other aspects. The shape of the cruise ship is the perfect combination of the façade and color of international cruise ships, and the interior is the best fusion of the concept of offshore tankers and yachts.

Basic Information

  • Maiden Voyage: May 7, 2012
  • Tonnage: 17,000
  • Length: 149.95 meters
  • Width: 24 meters
  • Speed: 26 km/h
  • Passenger Capacity: 570
  • Number of Crew: 200
  • Total Cabins: 216
  • Decks: 6
  • Elevators: 3
  • Restaurants: 3
  • Itinerary: Chongqing <=>Yichang

Highlights of Yangtze Gold 2

  • Minimal noise
  • Only one with helipads
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Largest number of sightseeing elevators
  • Only one with a large double-story movie theater
  • Longest and widest cruise ship on Yangtze River
  • Only one with a large meeting room for simultaneous interpretation

Why Choose Yangtze Gold 2

Best entertainment facilities

Yangtze Gold 2 cruise has a series of entertainment facilities prepared with high quality onboard, such as snack bar, shopping street, internet bar, reading room, swimming pool, sauna center, SPA club, massage center, KTV rooms, billiard parlor, chess & card room, etc. Guests will have too many things to experience during the trip on the Yangtze River.

Luxury 5-star experience

  • All the bedding and bathroom supplies are of a five-star rating.
  • Every room is connected to the direct drinking water system.
  • Smart bathroom facilities in the presidential suite and deluxe suites.
  • Private VIP room, secretary room and guard room.
  • Every room has its own sightseeing balcony where guests can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Yangtze River.

Yangtze Gold 2 Facilities

Public Facilities

Type Public Facilities Floor Layout Area(m2)
Catering Western Restaurant 2F 660
Business restaurant 3F 35
VIP restaurant 6F 378
Entertainment Large Double-story movie theater -1F 257 
Simultaneous interpretation hall
Children’s playground 2F 53
Conference room 4F 47
Fitness exercise Fitness Center 1F 146
Surfing Pool 5F 63
Outdoor Golf Practice Court Ceiling 786
Other Facilities SPA 1F 226
Lobby 2F 387
Business Center 2F 22
Monitor Room 2F 28
Broadcasting Room 2F 45
Photographing centre 2F 35

Cabin Configuration

Private balcony
Mineral water
Standard room bed size
Coffee bag
Tea bag
Cabin phone
Cabin Internet Connection
Shower gel
Phone Usage Guide
Shower cap
Bath towel
Mini refrigerator
Cabin mini bar
Private bathroom
Hand towel
Unite bathroom
Toilet soap
Hair dryer
Weighing scale
Life jacket
Shoe polisher
Safe box
Laundry bag

Cabin Type Introduction

Cabin type Total cabins Cabin size(m2) Beds(size) Private balcony Location
Standard Cabin 173 24.0 Twin beds(1.1 m * 2.0 m) 2F/3F/4F/5F
Deluxe King-size Bed Cabin 8 24.0 Double beds(1.8 m * 2.0 m) 4F
Executive Cabin 6 36.0 Twin beds(1.1 m * 2.0 m) 5F
Executive King-size Bed Cabin 5 36.0 Double bed(1.8 m * 2.0 m) 3F/4F
Presidential Suite 1 139.0 Double beds(2.0 m * 2.0 m) 3F
Executive Suite 1 72.0 Double beds(1.8 m * 2.0 m) 3F
Deluxe Suite 2 65.0 Double beds(1.8 m * 2.0 m) 4F

Yangtze Gold 2 Cruise Itinerary

Downstream cruise from Chongqing to Yichang will take 4 days and 3 nights, while upstream cruise from Yichang to Chongqing will take 5 days and 4 nights. Select one and get to know more detailed information about its schedules, itineraries, etc.

4 Days and 3 Nights Downstream Itinerary(Chongqing -> Yichang)

Day Time Events
1 18:00 Boarding in Chongqing
20:00 Embarkation briefing
21:00 Departing from Chongqing
2 07:00-07:30 Morning coffee and Taiji  exercise
08:00-11:00 Visiting Fengdu Ghost City 
16:30-18:00 Shibaozhai or Three Kingdoms Show(Optional)
17:00-18:00 Captain welcoming party
20:30-21:30 The Three Gorges theme show
3 07:00-07:30 Morning coffee and Taiji  exercise
08:00-11:00 Visiting White Emperor City(Optional)
11:00-11:30 Set sail ,passing through Qutang Gorge
13:30-17:30 Lesser Three Gorges
17:30-20:00 Set sail, passing through the Wu Gorge, western part of Xiling Gorge
20:30-21:30 Entertainment show
4 07:00-07:30 Morning coffee and Taiji  exercise
08:00-11:00 Three Gorges Dam

5 Days and 4 Nights Upstream Itinerary(Yichang -> Chongqing)

Day Time Events
1 18:00-22:30 Boarding in Maoping, Embarkation briefing
2 07:00-07:30 Morning coffee and Taiji exercise
07:30-12:30 Optional tour to the Three Gorges Tribe or Quyuan Hometown
14:00-21:30 Three Gorges Dam, Quyuan Hometown or Ship Lift(Optional), Captain welcoming party, Three Gorges theme show
3 07:00-07:30 Morning coffee and Taiji exercise
08:00-12:00 Lesser Three Gorges, Mini Three Gorges(Optional)
14:30-21:30 Set sail ,passing through the Qutang Gorge, White Emperor City(Optional), dancing party
4 07:00-21:30 Morning coffee and Taiji exercise, Shibaozhai(Optional), Fengdu Ghost City, entertainment  show 
5 07:00-09:00 Three Gorges Dam, Disembarkation at Chongqi

Onboard Experience


Atrium-view Room, Deluxe Standard Room, Deluxe King Room, Executive Standard Room, Executive King Room, Deluxe Suite, Executive Suite and Presidential Suite, all facilities are equipped according to the standard of luxury five-star hotels.


In restaurants of multiple styles, China’s four major cuisines and a variety of Western-style meals are available. On Yangtze Gold Cruises, cuisine plays a major role in creating an ideal experience for the discerning travelers, treating their senses with delectable tastes in the finest Western tradition, as well as local specialties not found anywhere else. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are buffet (except for the Captain’s Farewell Banquet).


Every cruise is equipped with a large double-layer theater and simultaneous interpretation conference hall, meeting rooms of all sizes, a multi-functional hall for entertainment, a 5D cinema, a helipad and many other places for different purposes. 30 to 300 people can be accommodated at the same time for high-end business meetings, games, theme festivals, river parties and other activities.


Every Gold Cruise has its own “Shopping Street”, replete with a wide variety of shops, ranging from the latest fashion designs to carefully selected keepsake and mementos.


Tai Chi Learning

The Taiji Quan refers to a school or method of boxing or combat. Tai Chi Chuan is a sophisticated method of fighting based on the reconciliation of dynamically interacting forces.

Chinese Lecture

Offering lectures on Chinese history and culture which add insight and depth to the cruise experience. Topics include the evolution of the dam project and its importance to China, Chinese medicine, Chinese language, and Chinese traditional brush painting, dumpling making.

Featured Facilities:

  • Large two-tier movie theater (5F/Observation Deck)
  • Billiards (4F/Bridge Deck)
  • Children’s Playground (2F/Upper Deck)
  • Cyber Café (4F/Bridge Deck)
  • Gym Center (1F/Main Deck)
  • Swimming Pool (1F/Down Deck)
  • Mini Golf Course (Dome)
  • Running Track (6F/Sun Deck)
  • Beauty Salon (2F/Upper Deck)