Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum in Nanjing

Why is Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum So Special?

Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum is the only national museum with the subject on the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. In 1958, it became the site of the current museum. It is a group of remaining buildings of classical garden of Ming Dyansty. The museum collects a numerous cultural relics of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom period, such as cultural relics, documents and historic data throughout the country.

Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum

The Taiping Kingdom History Museum is located on the grounds of the Zhan Yuan Garden, a historical garden in Nanjing, China. It is a gallery committed to ancient rarities from the Taiping Rebellion 1851-1864.

History of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum

The garden that surrounds the museum was once “Enthusiasm Garden” or “Zhan Garden” of the first ruler of the Ming Dynasty, Hongwu (1328-1398).In 1853,[citation needed] it became the residence of Yang Xiuqing, a military leader in the Taiping Rebellion. During the rebellion, Nanjing was captured by the rebels and used as its headquarters.

Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was an organized large-scale revolt against the authority and forces of the Qing Empire leaded by Hong Xiuquan and Yang Xiuqing. The Taiping areas were constantly besieged and harassed by Qing forces; the rebellion was eventually put down by the Qing army aided by French and British forces.

How to Get to Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum?

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Independent Travel


Take Line 1 and get off at Sanshan Street station, then walk about 550 meters.


You can take bus 2, you 2, 26, 44, 46, 49 and get off at Zhanyuan Road station.

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