Stanley in Hong Kong

Why is Stanley so Special?

The next stop for a trip near Stanley should be its famous market. This is a good place to find special gifts for relatives and friends. There are many bargains in it, including clothes, especially silk clothes and traditional Chinese clothes, as well as souvenirs, antiques and Chinese handicrafts. Therefore, not only foreign tourists, but also local residents often go to the market.

If you want to relax and enjoy the scenery, there are a row of bars and restaurants in Stanley Waterfront, allowing you to taste the East and West delicacies outdoors.

Main Attraction of Stanley

Bombax Ceiba

It is said that once in the center of the village, there was a huge kapok tree (Bombax Ceiba, red kapok tree), which was covered with red flowers during the flowering season. Therefore, the Chinese names of these villages were red pillars until the 19th century when the British renamed the village in memory of Lord Stanley.

Murray House

Stanley is not only a beautiful seaside city, but also many places of interest. Murray Building was first built in 1844, demolished in 1982 and rebuilt in 1998 in a European style. At present, it is a three-story building with several restaurants and a mini museum introducing its history.

Other Attractions

In addition, you can also visit other scenic spots, such as Tin Hau Temple, Stanley Main Beach and Main Street, St. Stephen’s Beach, Military Cemetery and Hong Kong Correctional Services Department Museum.

Best Time to Travel Stanley

If you travel to Hong Kong, the best travel time is from October to November every year.

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate. Hong Kong has a relatively high annual average temperature of 22.8 degrees. The weather is easily affected by monsoon and has four distinct seasons. To travel to Hong Kong, you can wear a thin coat or sweater in spring. Summer is hot and humid, sometimes there will be showers and thunderstorms, bring some short shirts and cotton dresses, and also prepare coats and rain gear. Autumn is sunny and suitable for wearing shirts, sweaters and light coats. Winter is dry and slightly cold. Suits, thin sweaters and overcoats are more suitable.

How to Get There

  • Take bus 6, 61, 6x, 73, 269 or 973 to Stanley Village.

Useful Travel Tips

Entrance Fee Free
Opening Hours All day

Nearby Attractions

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