Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village in Jingdezhen

Why is Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village So Special?

Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village at Jingdezhen, an international ceramic art center located in China, that would provide the opportunity to the international arts and crafts community to explore and exchange the culture, arts and crafts of China.

Where is Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village?

Sanbao is located approximately 10 kilometers from downtown Jingdezhen. It is nestled in the Sanbao Valley. The institute consists of multiple buildings, housing comfortable air accommodation, fully equipped studio space, kilns, workshops and food service and hospitality services.

How to Get to Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By Taxi: Take a taxi from downtown, which takes about 20 yuan, about 15 minutes.
By Bus: Take bus No. 15 to the middle of the village, and then walk along the sign for another 15 minutes, you can see the millennium cultural wall of ceramic village.

What to See in Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village

Porcelain Hall

In Porcelain Hall, you can find a lot of fine porcelain. You can see the porcelain making here.

The Founder

Li Jianshen, a ceramic artist, is the founder of “Sanbao international Porcelain Art Village”. He graduated from the New York State Ceramic Institute and received a master’s degree in ceramics. He has successively held exhibitions of personal ceramics works in Japan, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands and other countries.

In Sanbao village, Mr. Li restored the original Chinese ceramic production scene. The furnishings in the house were the production and living appliances used by villagers more than 20 years ago. Every day, nearly 10 craftsmen here use the most primitive methods to produce ceramics and pottery tools.


Since its official opening to the outside world in 2000, nearly one thousand foreign ceramic artists have come here to visit, and nearly 500 people live here for a long time. With the unique primitive customs and the influx of foreigners, Sanbao international Porcelain Art Village has become a world-famous ceramic center.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village is an ideal place to go for pottery lover.
  2. It would be better for you to hire a tour guide for a better understanding of pottery cultural.

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