Lotus Market in Beijing

Lotus Market in Beijing

Beijing Lotus Market, located in the west bank of Shichahai, is the best place to enjoy the lake view. The area is also a good place to tour the famous Beijing Hutongs.
This area is an ancient market dated to the middle of the 19th century. Every summer, the lake near the market is covered with lotus flowers attracting many tourists, which is the origin of the name. A famous calligrapher wrote a plaque Lotus Market and it is still on the archway above its south gate.

Introduction of Lotus Market

The Lotus Market is opposite the north gate of Beihai Park. It is a commercial street stretching along Houhai Lake. The market started in the Qing Dynasty and at that time, people traded their homemade desserts and seedpods of lotus from May to August in the Chinese lunar calendar, usually in the lotus blossoming season. Hence, the street is called Lotus Market. Besides snacks, various performances were on show as well. The market was remolded and then reopened in 1990. Now, the Lotus Market is comprised of a line of two-storey vintage buildings facing Houhai Lake. It converges many stylish restaurants and bars, whatever old Peking flavors or exotic cuisine. Tourists and local people all prefer this food street. A host of people stroll while some people do sports. If you are curious about the night life of locals, you can come to here.

Hutongs Surrounding Lotus Market

There are many famous Hutongs near the Lotus Market, and it’s a good choice to visit them to feel the ancient culture of Beijing after enjoying the lake landscape. The most famous Hutongs are Jin Si Tao and Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street (Yandai Xiejie). The width of these Hutongs ranges between 3 meters to 5 meters (10-16 feet). Visitors can rent bicycles or rickshaws to explore the criss-cross Hutongs. Along the two sides of the Hutongs are courtyards, the old style residences of local Beijingers, some of which are former residences of the nobility.

Best Time to Visit Lotus Market

Summer is the best time for you to visit this market. In July and August, the lake is covered with lotus flowers, and the willows tremble in the wind—what a beautiful scene! Except for viewing lotus, you can also eat summer snacks and enjoy folk art performances in the market. A summer escape for viewing lotus, eating Chinese foods, watching folk performances, and enjoying night clubs

How to Get to Lotus Market

  • Take subway line 6 and get off at the Beihai North and go east for about 450 meters (500 yards) to get to the south gate of the Lotus Market .
  • Take bus line 107, 111, 118,13, 3, 42, 612, 701, Sightseeing no. 3 and get off at the North Gate of Beihai, and go east for about 300 meters (330 yards) to get to the south gate of the Lotus Market.

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