Huizhou Jinguowan Golf Club

Huizhou Jinguowan Yunding Golf Club(惠州金果湾云顶高尔夫球会) is located in Jinguowan Yunding golf course where is at an altitude of 380 metres. The golf course covers 2600 acres of land, and was designed by Mr. Scott miller, the famous designer in course. It is the first pure ecological international course with standard 18 holes in China. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides are not used on the fairway . The lawn is maintained by using high-tech ecological technology .

Jinguowan(金果湾)is located in Yonghu(永湖)town, Huiyang(惠阳)district. It is close to 357 provincial road, so is convenient to transporte. The project covers an area of about 13.32 million square meters and is invested by Huizhou Jinguowan(惠州金果湾) Farm Co., LTD. This project is ecologically and healthily oriented. The basic pattern of golf, ecological organic farm sightseeing, leisure vacation, business meetings and healthy SPA has been formed. It also has 1.7 million square meters of organic farms, art village, health club, 30000 square meters of hot spring SPA, the 18-hole Yunding(云顶) golf course, golf school, expand training base, leisure tea, children’s park, parent-child farm, etc. The products of Jinguowan(金果湾)phase I are “huguang shanshe(湖光山舍)” villa and “shanju(山居)holiday”, five-star hotel apartment.

Wu Xiangbing(吴相兵)is the consultant to Jinguowan Yunding(金果云顶)golf course . Mr.Wu is the coach of national golf team of China, the president of golf academy of Guanlan(观澜)Lake, and the champion of the first China professional golf championship .

Scott Miller Design company is famous for designing golf course in America. For more than twenty years, this company completed nearly a hundred golf course design in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and other countries, and won a number of awards and honors ,included “the holiday stadium 20”, “national holiday stadium gold prize”, “national top ten vacation course”, “national top stadium” and so on and and successively held more than 40 major international tournaments and events which included the PGA Tour, Senior PGA Tour, Ladies PGA Tour, Canadian PGA Tour, Latin American PGA and The United States Golf Association National Championship.

Chinese Name:广东惠州金果湾云顶高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:广东惠州市惠阳区金果湾生态旅游开发区
Translated by Ding Zhaoji/丁钊荠