Huangheqing Bridge in Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai

Why is Huangheqing Bridge So Special?

The Huang Heqing Bridge is currently the longest-span suspension bridge on the Yellow River in Qinghai Province. The bridge is smooth in shape and wide in deck. There are not many vehicles coming and going. Looking down from the bridge, it is clear yellow river water.

Where is Huangheqing Bridge

Hu Touya, Guide County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province

Main Attraction of Huangheqing Bridge

When we rode past the Yellow River Bridge, we saw clear and green water in the Yellow River. For thousands of years, the image of the Yellow River in people’s minds has been: surging and surging for thousands of miles, and the rolling Yellow River water is mixed with a lot of silt, muddy and muddy. Therefore, the praise of “the world’s yellow river is noble and clear” has greatly tempted us. today, we are finally here-noble and clear to see the beautiful scenery of the yellow river.

The Yellow River in the world is noble and virtuous, but after Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia, it is no longer clear due to soil erosion. Therefore, the Yellow River in Guide is as young and vigorous as a young girl!

Best Time to Travel Huangheqing Bridge

The best tourist season is from May to October every year.

Qinghai is a plateau continental climate with dust pollution in spring and autumn, forming dust weather. There are large areas of rape flowers, yellow flowers and endless blue lakes near Qinghai lake in July. the scenery is very beautiful. the temperature at that time was not more than 18 degrees celsius, and the climate was comfortable and pleasant.

How To Get There

Affected by the origin, it needs to be considered according to the actual situation.

Please consult the staff for relevant routes.

Useful Travel Tips

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Opening Hours dall day
Recommended Time for a Visit Half a day

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