History of Kunshan

Lou county  which administered Kunshan and the area around was established in Qin dynasty. It was named after Lou River, while its seat was located in the north eastern of Kunshan. In 507, Xinyi county which hold Lou county ‘s former seat was separated from the old Lou county. In 535, the old Kunshan county was separated from the old Xinyi county, while its seat was moved to the north of Kun Hill, Songjiang. In 751, the seat was moved to the south of Ma’anshan. In 1724, then Kunshan county was divided into new Kunshan county and Xinyang county, the walled city also was halved to locate their own seat respectively. In 1860, Taiping Rebellions captured the walled city, then the Ever Victorious Army?recaptured it in 1863. On 11 November 1911, the local rally announced that both of the counties seceded from the Qing court from then on. In 1912, Xinyang county was merged into Kunshan county. On 15 November 1937, the Japanese army captured the walled city. On 13 May 1949, the CPC controlled the walled city. On 28 September 1989, the county was turn into a county-level city.

Source From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunshan#History