Zhuhai Hengqin Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort

Hengqin Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort

Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort (Chinese: 珠海长隆国际海洋度假区) is a theme park resort located in Hengqin, Zhuhai, China and owned by Chimelong Group. The resort currently consists of one theme park, one circus venue and three themed hotels. With a 20 billion yuan investment, future plans for the resort include at least three additional theme parks, a new aerial tramway transportation system, a new Hengqin Island Theater, an artificial island and at least one additional hotel.

Introduction of Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort

Zhuhai Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort is a world-class large resort in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province China. It is under the management of Chimelong Group Co., Ltd, which also owns Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort. Founded in 1989, Chimelong Group Co., Ltd is a conglomerate that owns and operates theme parks, luxury hotels, convention centres, high-end restaurants and leisure entertainment businesses. It is the leading enterprise in China’s tourism industry.

Three Major Parts

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
The eight themed areas of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom are, in a word, enchanting. Thousands of rare fish swim in Whale Shark Aquarium, the world’s largest one of its kind. Penguin Hall is home to polar Emperor, King, Adelie, Gentoo, and Humboldt penguins. Meanwhile, Polar Bear Hall hosts the North Pole predators. Astounding performances of white whales, dolphins and sea lions are shown here. Nine dynamic entertainment items like Underwater World, Parrot Roller Coaster, Super Riptide and Iceberg Roller Coaster offer visitors endless surprise. Scrumptious experience is also given by 19 unique restaurants, while guests will also be delighted by multiple themed stores, kiosk shops, and outdoor performances such as the Float Parade and Hengqin Ocean Show.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom 5D Castle Theater
Opened on May 31, 2015 as a gift for Children’s Day, the 5D Castle Theater is the world’s largest and most distinctive cinema featuring special 5D effects. It emerges as a castle erected in the sea. The floor area is 12,000 sq m, and it is as high as a 10-story building.

Chimelong Circus City
A world-leading circus stadium dedicated to the China International Circus Festival, the venue accommodates more than 2,700 persons. More than a hundred circus artists and award-winning programs from over 10 countries and regions passionately captivate audiences in this fantasy environment.

Theme Parks

  • Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
    Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, designed by PGAV Destinations, is the resort’s first theme park. The soft opening took place in January 2014 and the park officially opened in March 2014.
  • Chimelong Marine Science Park
    Chimelong Marine Science Park is the second theme park planned for Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort. This ocean-themed park masterplanned by Legacy Entertainment will be entirely indoors and will be connected to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom via pedestrian bridge and the aerial tramway. Construction on the park began on November 30, 2015 and it will open in 2019 or 2020.
  • Chimelong Adventure Park
    Chimelong Adventure Park is the planned third theme park at Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort. This outdoor theme park will be located at the peak of Hengqin Island’s mountain range. The theme park will be accessed by aerial tramway. Early plans for this theme park included a wooden roller coaster, observation wheel, and observation tower.
  • Chimelong Animal Kingdom
    Chimelong Animal Kingdom, a fourth theme park planned for the resort features day time and night time safari components centered around live animals, with masterplan design by Dan Pearlman.

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Nearby Hotels

  • Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel – 1,888-room hotel. Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel was awarded the World’s Leading Themed Hotel in the 2015 World Travel Awards (WTA).
  • Chimelong Circus Hotel – 700-room hotel. Opened on 19 February 2015.
  • Chimelong Penguin Hotel – 2,000-room hotel with “Emperor Penguin Cafeteria” that enables guests to enjoy meals while observing penguins in proximity. Opened on 19 February 2015.

How to Get There

  • Buses: 14, 86, K10, K11
  • Special lines: Buses to the Resort are available from Zhuhai Gongbei Railway Station (Kee Kwan Bus), Jiuzhou Port (Jiuzhou Travel Transport Bus) and Zhuhai Airport (Airport Bus). 

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐