Guide National Geological Park in Hainan, Qinghai

Why is Guide National Geological Park So Special?

The colorful peaks of Ashgon in the park are colorful and magnificent. The wind erosion landform in Mawu Gorge is extremely mysterious and changeable. The landscape of the Yellow River is magnificent, as beautiful as flowers and brocades. Longyang Gorge Valley is steep and majestic. A variety of geological relics reflect the evolution of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during the geological history period, and also record the development history of the Yellow River and the changes of the natural environment in Guide. It is an excellent place for sightseeing, leisure vacation, popular science education and scientific research, and is reputed as “a small plateau south of the Yangtze River”.

Where is Guide National Geological Park

Garang Township Ashgong Village, Guide County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province

Main Attraction of Guide National Geological Park

As the core scenic spot of Guide National Geopark, Ashgong Colorful Peak Cluster Scenic Spot is located in the Thousand Buddha Grand Canyon of Ashgong, Garang Township, Guide County. It covers an area of 3,000 mu and has a total investment of 460 million yuan. It took five years to complete. The scenic spot has the connotation of “the earth’s pulse stretches to the ground, the popularity of thousands of ancient people is the source” and the theme of “colorful peaks, xuanyuanhoutu”. it is composed of 13 theme squares with “earth” as the core and seven danxia canyons with different colors and shapes. Tiandi popularity museum, nuwa lake and nuwa performance stage are decorated with them. it is a cultural tourist resort with rich cultural connotation, unique natural landscape of Danxia, and extremely high value of geological research and popular science education. At present, it has been named “National Geopark” and “National AAAA Scenic Area”.

The Danxia landform in the scenic spot has a long and peculiar history, with abrupt and numerous peaks, strange and magical geological modeling, and seven colors of the mountain, so it is also called colorful peaks and Xuanyuan backsoil. National geological parks, provincial cultural industry demonstration bases and are applying for national cultural industry demonstration bases. Photography, creation, fine arts, film and television and other institutions have set up bases in the parks. The scenic spot consists of 13 cultural theme squares and seven Danxia gorges, especially Nuwa Gorge, Qianfo Gorge and Tongtian Gorge, which are rare natural wonders in the world. The interior covers an area of 3,000 mu and the exterior covers an area of 50,000 mu. It is an ideal place for sightseeing, dining and entertainment, and stocking. It is 70km away from Xining, with convenient transportation, pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. Guide is located in the transition zone between the Loess Plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Yellow River traverses the central and northern part of the county from west to east, with a flow of 76.8 kilometers. In Guide, ravines are criss-crossing and mountains and rivers alternate with each other, presenting multi-level river terraces and basin hills. It happens to be located in the Yellow River valley, high in the north and south, surrounded by medium-sized audio and video workers and mountains. It is guarded by Longyang Gorge on the top and Songba Gorge on the bottom. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides. The plain is open and the land is fertile. It is known as “small Jiangnan” on the plateau. Danxia landform has several places in Guide, the most famous of which is Ashgong Gorge. Ashgon Gorge starts from the narrow bay of sheep pens in the valley and reaches the mouth of Dhaka Gully in the west. Inside the gorge, the Garang River winds its way south like a yellow ribbon.

Best Time to Travel Guide National Geological Park

he best tourist season is from May to October every year.

Qinghai is a plateau continental climate with dust pollution in spring and autumn, forming dust weather. There are large areas of rape flowers, yellow flowers and endless blue lakes near Qinghai lake in July. the scenery is very beautiful. the temperature at that time was not more than 18 degrees celsius, and the climate was comfortable and pleasant.

How To Get There

Guide has convenient transportation in all directions. It is 112 kilometers away from Xining, the provincial capital, 180 kilometers away from Qinghai Lake and 70 kilometers away from cambra. The Xijiu Highway runs through the county seat, and the Guiyang-Communist Highway runs directly to Qinghai Lake, and the Guiyang Highway runs directly to cambra National Forest Geopark. Self-driving tour is very convenient. It can be extended from Xining or Guide County to S101 Provincial Highway by self-driving or chartered car.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Fee

Tickets 80 yuan/Person

Opening Hours 09: 30-16: 30 (January 01-March 31, Monday-Sunday)
09:00-19:00; Closing time: 18: 30 (April 01-December 31, Monday-Sunday)
Recommended Time for a Visit Half a day

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