Enshi Grand Canyon

Enshi Grand Canyon

Enshi Grand Canyon (Chinese: 恩施大峡谷) is a natural scenic spot in Enshi, Hubei, China.  located in Tunbao Township and Banqiao Town, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province, China, is a section of the Qingjiang Grand Canyon. Enshi is 530 kilometers west of Wuhan, which is the provincial capital of Hubei. With a total length of 108 kilometers and an area of 300 square kilometers, Enshi Grand Canyon is a National Geological Park and one of the top ten tourist landmarks of Hubei. It is known as “the geological wonder of the world, the eastern Colorado Grand Canyon “.

Introduction of Enshi Grand Canyon

Passager Cableway

Enshi Grand Canyon Passenger Cableway is the first single-line loop detachable cableway in the scenic area. The site is located on the east side of the Yunlong River Bridge in Enshi Grand Canyon to the Xiaolou Gate. A total of two station houses are designed. The upper station is sited on northwest side of Xiaoloument, which has an elevation of 1641 meters. While the lower station is sited in the eastern side of Yunlong River Bridge, which has an elevation of 841 meters. The total length of the cableway line is 2,284 meters, with a height difference of 792 meters. It adopts a fully enclosed 8-person car with a total number of cars of 61. The maximum running speed of it is 6 m/sec, and the single-pass running time is about 6.27 minutes. The Enshi Grand Canyon Passenger Cableway is imported from France and an important means of transportation to the Qixingzhai Scenic Spot from Yunlong Ground Crack.

Main Attractions

  • One Incense Pillar一炷香
    One Incense Pillar is the iconic landscape of the Enshi Grand Canyon. One Incense Pillar is a karst pillar standing between the cliffs and peaks of the 108-kilometer-long Enshi Canyon. This incense stick-shaped peak is 150 meters tall, but only four meters wide, which maks it incredible that it stands at all, let alone that it’s survived several major earthquakes.
  • Long Corridor at the Cliff 绝壁长廊
    Long Corridor at the Cliff is a plank road built along the face of a cliff. It was built in October 2007. It has a length of 488 meters and 118 steps. It is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters, at the cliff on the waist of the mountain. 
  • Bowing Pine Tree鞠躬松
    Bowing Pine Tree is a representative of the five wonders in the canyon. There is a saying: “There is no peak group if there are cliffs, or there is no cliff if there is peak group”. “Welcoming Pine Tree” in Yellow Mountain is world-famous, with opening arms and smile to welcome tourists from home and abroad.
  • Yunlong Ground Fissure云龙地缝
    The U-shape Yulong Fissure is vertical from edges to bottom, 3600 meters long and 75 meters deep averagely, and extraordinary and unique karst landscape. 

How to Get There

  1. From Enshi City
    Take a minibus at Aviation Road Bus Station, and get off at Enshi Grand Canyon Station. The bus departs from 6:30 to 18:00 and the ticket costs CNY 20. The whole journey is about 1.5 hours.
  2. From Lichuan City
    Take a direct long-distance bus at Lichuan Train Station Tourist Center. The bus departs only once every day at about 8:00. The ticket costs CNY 25 and the whole journey is about 1 hour. The long-distance bus from Lichuan only runs from March to November.

Nearby Attractions

Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐