Xilingol Administrative Divisions

Xilingol League Administrative Division: as of 2014, Xilingol League has juridiction over 12 county-level administrative regions, including 2 county-level cities, 1 county and 9 banners.

 2 County-level Cities:  Xilinhot City (锡林浩特市),  Erenhot City (二连浩特 )

1 County: Duolun County (多伦县)

9 Banners: Abag Banner (阿巴嘎旗), Sonid Left Banner (苏尼特左旗), Sonid Right Banner (苏尼特右旗), East Ujimqin Banner (东乌珠穆沁旗), West Ujimqin Banner (西乌珠穆沁旗), Taibus Banner (太仆寺旗), Xianghuang Banner (镶黄旗),  Zhengxiangbai Banner (正镶白旗),  Zhenglan Banner (正蓝旗)

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