Xiangtan Administrative Divisions

As of the end of 2016, Xiangtan City has jurisdiction over Yuhu District(雨湖区), Yuetang District(岳塘区), Xiangxiang City(湘乡市), Shaoshan City(韶山市), Xiangtan County(湘潭县), and the government is located in Yuetang District.
Administrative Divisions Area(Sq.km) Population Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Yuhu District(雨湖区) 451.39 520,914(2016) No. 292 Yuhu Road Chengzheng Street Subdistrict(城正街街道), Pingzheng Road Subdistrict(平政路街道), Yuntang Subdistrict(云塘街道), Yuhu Subdistrict(雨湖街道), Zhongshan Road Subdistrict(中山路街道), Yaowan Subdistrict(窑湾街道), Guangchang Subdistrict(广场街道), Niugutang Subdistrict(羊牯塘街道), Xiangtang Town(响塘镇),响水乡), Heling Town(鹤岭镇), Nanzhushan Town(楠竹山镇), Jiangshe Town(姜畲镇), Changcheng Town(长城乡), Xianfeng Subdistrict(先锋街道), Zhaotan Subdistrict(昭潭街道), Wanlou Subdistrict(万楼街道)
Yuetang District(岳塘区) 206.03 34,9577(2009) No. 21 Anletang Baota Subdistrict(宝塔街道), Zhongzhou Road Subdistrict (中洲路街道), Wulidui Subdistrict(五里堆街道), Shuyuan Road Subdistrict(书院路街道), Dongping Street Subdistrict(东坪街道), Shejiancun Subdistrict(社建村街道), Jianshe Road Subdistrict(建设路街道), Yuetang Subdistrict(岳塘街道), Xiashesi Subdistrict(下摄司街道), Dishui Street Subdistrict(滴水街道), Shuangma Subdistrict(双马街道), Bantang Subdistrict(板塘街道), Zhaoshan Town(昭山镇), Xiacheng Subdistrict(霞城街道), Hetang Subdistrict(荷塘街道)
Xiangxiang City(湘乡市) 2004 92,4100(2016) Wumenqian Street  Xinxiang Road Subdistrict(新湘路街道), Wangchunmen Subdistrict(望春门街道), Kunlunqiao Subdistrict(昆仑桥街道), Dongshan Subdistrict(东山街道), Longdong Town(龙洞镇), Qizi Town(棋梓镇), Tanshi Town(潭市镇),  Baitian Town(白田镇), Meiqiao Town(梅桥镇), Quantang Town(泉塘镇), Zhongsha Town(中沙镇), Hutian Town(壶天镇), Yutang Town(虞唐镇), Fanjiang Town(翻江镇), Lishan Town(栗山镇), Yueshan Town(月山镇), Shanzao Town(山枣镇), Dongjiao Township(东郊乡), Maotian Town(毛田镇), Jinshi Town(金石镇), Yuduan Township(育塅乡), Jinsou Township(金薮乡)
Shaoshan City(韶山市) 247 11,9843(2018) Qingxi Town  Qingxi Town(清溪镇), Yintian Town(银田镇), Ruyi Town(如意镇), Shaoshan Township(韶山乡), Yongyi Township(永义乡), Yanglin Township(杨林乡), Daping Township(大坪乡)
Xiangtan County(湘潭县) 2,132.8 982,200(2013) Yisuhe Town  Yisuhe Town(易俗河镇), Meilinqiao Town(梅林桥镇), Tanjiashan Town(谭家山镇), Zhonglupu Town(中路铺镇), Chaensi Town(茶恩寺镇), Hekou Town(河口镇), Shebu Town(射埠镇), Huashi Town(花石镇), Qingshanqiao Town(青山桥镇), Shigu Town(石鼓镇), Yuhuqiao Town(云湖桥镇), Shitan Town(石潭镇), Yangjiaqiao Town(杨嘉桥镇), Baishi Town(白石镇), Wushi Town(乌石镇), Fenshui Township(分水乡), Paitou Township(排头乡), Longkou Township(龙口乡), Jinshi Township(锦石乡)

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