Tibet Accommodation

When you travel to Tibet, accommodation is an important factor that you should bear in mind. The facilities and service of hotels are the  key indicator to evaluate. With the rapid development of tourism in Tibet, the accommodation conditions in Tibet have been significantly improved. Even then, the overall level of accommodations in Tibet is lower than that in other places of China. 

The star-rated hotels in big cities, such as, Lhasa, Shigatse and Lyingchi, are avavilable. Meanwhile, hotels in small cities and remote areas are very simple, which usually have public bathrooms with squat toilet.

Tibet Accommodation Tips

  • The prices of good hotels in Tibet are more expensive, especially during the peak seasons.
  • For the old and babiees, it's advisable to aviod rooms in high floors since the higher the groud is, the thinner air becomes.
  • It is better to bring the sleeping bags. What's more, the toilet paper is necessary if you plan to visit the remote areas in Tibet. Or you can buy these necessities in Lhasa.
  • In consideration of your safety, it is necessay to avoid stay in local houses or camping outside alone.