Sansha Administrative Divisions

Sansha city has jurisdiction over the reefs of Xisha Islands, Zhongsha Islands and Nansha Islands and their sea areas. Sansha city administers 4 basic unit of political powers, including 10 communities. 

4 Administrative Areas: Yongxing administrative area(永兴行政管理区), Qilian Island administrative area(七连屿行政管理区), Yongle Islands administrative area(永乐群岛行政管理区), Nansha administrative area(南沙行政管理区)

10 Communities: Yongxing Community(永兴社区), Yingqu Community(营区社区), Zhaoshu Community(赵述社区), Beidao Community(北岛社区), Jinqing Community(晋卿社区), Yagong Community(鸭公社区), Yinyu Community(银屿社区), Lingyang Community(羚羊社区), Ganquan Community(甘泉社区), Meiji Community(美济社区). 

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