Sanjiang County Festivals and Events

Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, a place with many ethnic minorities, has many unique folk festivals and the strong customs, which have become the major scenery line of Liuzhou Tourism. groups. Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County is the “hometown of hundred festivals”, while Gaoyou Village is a “multi-festival village” with Lusheng Festival, Black Rice Festival, Changxin Festival, Bullfighting Festival, Chidong Festival, etc. There are festivals every month. Every festival, the villagers will invite people from the surrounding villages to celebrate the festivals. Therefore, the festivals have become a bridge for Gaoyou villagers to communicate and enhance friendship with the villagers from the neighboring villages. Here, China Dragon Tours will introduce the representative ethnic festivals in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County.

Festivals in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County

Fireworks Festival(花炮节)

Fireworks Festival, the traditional folk festival of the Dong nationality, is also a competitive sports event, which was held on the third day of March according to the lunar calendar. Legend has it that it comes from a gathering before one thousand years. The fireworks are made of an iron canister with gunpowder. The muzzle is placed with a colored iron ring of 4 cm in diameter and wrapped with silk thread. The iron cannon is placed in the center of the drum-tower square. After a simple ceremony, the fireworks are lit according to requirements. After that, the game begins.

Lusheng Festival(芦笙节)

Lusheng Festival is the most common and grand traditional festival in the Dong area. The time of the Lusheng Festival varies from place to place. When celebrating the festival, every family offers a sacrifice to their own ancestors, and then the girls in the villages are dressed in costumes and wear silver ornaments. The young men bring the reeds. The young men in the villages round in a circle, blowing the Lusheng and dancing for four or five days. It is a mass cultural activity that integrates song, dance and fun.

Sweet Potato Festival in Gaoxiu Village, Linxi Town(林溪镇高秀红薯节)

In recent years, Gaoxiu Village, Linxi Town, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County has actively expanded and strengthened the sweet potato brand, and the scale of sweet potato production has also increased year by year. Since 2012, the Gaoxiu Sweet Potato Festival has been held every year, which has broadened sales channels, promoted income growth, and accelerated the pace of villagers' accurate poverty alleviation.

Chinese Chives Festival in Gaoyou Village, Linxi Town(林溪镇高友村韭菜节)

Gaoyou Village has been held the Chinese Chives Festival for ten years. In addition to a variety of folk performances, there are also the farming culture experience and catching fish activities. Although the activities are spontaneously organized by the local people, they attract many tourists, and the alpine big leaf Chinese chives are also familiar to more and more people.

Festival for worshipping Cattle(敬牛节)

On the eighth day of April of the lunar calendar every year, the Tongle Miao Ethnic Township of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County has the custom of “sacrificing cow”. According to legend, a long time ago, people ploughed the fields by manpower. It was very difficult. Later, they used the cattle to haul the ploughshare. On the eighth day of April of the lunar calendar, people stopped using cattle power, and some also locked up the cattle and fed them with fine materials. In the evening, some villages also hold activities such as Duoye and singing.

Activities in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County

Hundred Families Banquet(百家宴)

 In 2007, the "Hundred Families Banquet" was list as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Hundred Families Banquet in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County is the most spectacular large-scale Square "100 feast" (Banquet 100) activities at the history of the Dong areas. This activity has been circulating in Sanjiang County several centuries of history. It is prepared by one hundred Dong's families, each family cook some dishes and then, put their dishes on tables which are set on the outdoor square to entertain diners.

Dong Grand Songs(侗族大歌)

Every Dong person knows the saying, "Rice is for the body; song is for the soul". They take great pride in their "grand songs" or galao in the local language - the only polyphonic chorus without accompaniment or conductors in China. Galao originated in the Song Dynasty (sòng 宋)(960-1279 AD) and UNESCO recently listed it as an Intangible Culture Heritage. Because the Dong doesn’t have a written language, they use singing to preserve their oral history. And Dong people say that" the natural songs are filled with passion and sincerity about nature and life."

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