Qinzhou Administrative Divisions

According to the official website of the government in July 2017, Qinzhou City has jurisdiction over 2 municipal districts, 2 counties, and the municipal government is located at No. 11 Yongfu East Street.

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Area(Sq.km) Population Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Qinnan District(钦南区) 2,215 560,000(2007) Shuidong Subdistrict Xiangyang Subdistrict(向阳街道), Shuidong Subdistrict(水东街道), Wenfeng Subdistrict(文峰街道), Nanzhu Subdistrict(南珠街道), Shabu Town(沙埠镇), Kangxiling Town(康熙岭镇), Huangwutun Town(黄屋屯镇), Jianshan Town(尖山镇), Dafanpo Town(大番坡镇), Longmengang Town(龙门港镇), Jiulong Town(久隆镇), Dongchang Town(东场镇), Nali Town(那丽镇), Napeng Town(那彭镇), Nasi Town(那思镇)
Qinbei District(钦北区) 2560  581,400(2011) Qinzhouwan Avenue  Changtian Subdistrict(长田街道), Hongting Subdistrict(鸿亭街道), Zicai Subdistrict(子材街道), Taidong Town(大垌镇), Pingji Town(平吉镇), Qingtang Town(青塘镇), Xiaodong Town(小董镇), Bancheng Town(板城镇), Nameng Town(那蒙镇), Changtan Town(长滩镇), Xintang Town(新棠镇), Dazhi Town(大直镇), Dasi Town(大寺镇), Guitai Town(贵台镇)
Lingshan County(灵山县) 3550  1,654,700(2016) Lingcheng Subdistrict  Lingcheng Subdistrict Office(灵城街道办), Sanhai Subdistrict Office(三海街道办), Xinxu Town(新圩镇), Fengtang Town(丰塘镇), Pingshan Town(平山镇), Shitang Town(石塘镇), Fozi Town(佛子镇), Pingnan Town(平南镇), Yandun Town(烟墩镇), Tanxu Town(檀圩镇), Nalong Town(那隆镇), Sanlong Town(三隆镇), Luwu Town(陆屋镇), Jiuzhou Town(旧州镇), Taiping Town(太平镇), Shaping Town(沙坪镇), Wuli Town(武利镇), Wenli Town(文利镇), Bolao Town(伯劳镇)
Pubei County(浦北县) 2517  920,600(2014) Xiaojiang Subdistrict  Xiaojiang Subdistrict(小江街道), Jiangcheng Subdistrict(江城街道), Quanshui Town(泉水镇), Shiyong Town(石埇镇), Anshi Town(安石镇), Zhanghuang Town(张黄镇), Dacheng Town(大成镇), Baishishui Town(白石水镇), Beitong Town(北通镇), Sanhe Town(三合镇), Longmen Town(龙门镇), Fuwang Town(福旺镇), Zhaixu Town(寨圩镇), Lemin Town(乐民镇), Liuyin Town(六硍镇), Pingmu Town(平睦镇), Guandong Town(官垌镇)

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