Lhasa Administrative Divisions

Lhasa administrative divisions are divided into districts and counties. By the end of 2017, Lhasa has jurisdiction over 3 municipal districts and 5 counties. As follows: 

Chengguan District is the seat of government of Lhasa City.

Lhasa Administrative Map

Lhasa Adiministrative Map

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions


Population Seat of Government Area Under Jurisdiction
Chengguan District 523 279,074(in 2013) Jebumgang Subdistrict吉崩岗街道 Chongsaikang Subdistrict(冲赛康街道), Barkhor Subdistrict(八廓街道), Gyirai Subdistrict(吉日街道), Jebumgang Subdistrict(吉崩岗街道), Chabxi Subdistrict(札细街道), Gundeling Subdistrict(公德林街道), Garmagoinsar Subdistrict(嘎玛贡桑街道), Liangdao Subdistrict(两岛街道), Caigungtang Township(蔡公堂乡), Ngaqên Township(纳金乡), Nyangrain Township(娘热乡), Togde Township(夺底乡)
Doilungdeqen District 2704.25 48,696(in 2013) Donggar Town东嘎镇 Donggar Town(东嘎镇), Naiqung Town(乃琼镇), Deqen Township(德庆乡), Mar Township(马乡), Gurum Township(古荣乡), Niu Township(柳梧乡), Yabda Township(羊达乡)
Dagze District 1373 30,000(in 2017) Deqen Town德庆镇 Deqen Town(德庆镇), Targyai Township(塔吉乡), Zangdog Township(章多乡), Tanggar Township(唐嘎乡), Xoi Township(雪乡), Dromdoi Township(帮堆乡)
Lhunzhub County 4512 70,000(in 2013) Ganden Chokhor Town甘丹曲果镇 Ganden Chokhor Town(甘丹曲果镇), Codoi Township(春堆乡), Sumcheng Township(松盘乡), Qangka Township(强嘎乡), Karze Township(卡孜乡), Banjorling Township(边觉林乡), Jangraxa Township(江热夏乡), Ngarnang Township(阿朗乡), Tanggo Township(唐古乡), Pundo Township(旁多乡)
Nyemo County 3275.8 34,044(in 2012) Tarong Town塔荣镇 Tarong Town(塔荣镇), Margyang Township(麻江乡), Pusum Township(普松乡), Karru Township(卡如乡), Nyemo Township(尼木乡), Xumai Township(续迈乡), Paggor Township(帕古乡), Toinba Township(吞巴乡)
Damxung County 10036 40,000(in 2013) Damquka Town当曲卡镇 Yangbajain Town(羊八井镇), Damquka Town(当曲卡镇), Namtso Township(纳木湖乡), Gongtang Township(公塘乡), Nyingzhung Township(宁中乡), Gyaidar Township(格达乡), Uma Township(乌玛塘乡), Lungring Township(龙仁乡)
Quxu County 1624 29,690(in 2014) Quxu Town曲水镇 Quxu Town(曲水镇), Dagar Township(达嘎乡), Caina Township(菜纳乡), Nam Township(南木乡), Nyetang Township(聂唐乡), Carbanang Township(茶巴拉乡)
Maizhokunggar County 5492 41,000 Kunggar Town工卡镇 Kunggar Town(工卡镇), Zaxoi Township(扎雪乡), Zhaxigeng Township(扎西岗乡), Gyama Township(甲玛乡), Rutog Township(日多乡), Tanggya Township(塘加乡), Nyimajangra Township(尼玛江热乡), Mamba Township(门巴乡)

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