Hunan Administrative Divisions

By the end of 2018, Hunan Province has jurisdiction over 13 municipalities, 1 autonomous prefecture, 17 county-level cities, 62 counties, 7 autonomous counties, and 36 municipal districts. The provincial government is located at Xiangfu Road, Tianxin District, Changsha City.

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions

Area( Population Areas Under Jurisdiction
Changsha 11,819 7,918,100(2017) Furong District(芙蓉区), Tianxin District(天心区), Yuelu District(岳麓区), Kaifu District(开福区), Yuhua District(雨花区), Wangcheng District(望城区), Changsha County(长沙县), Liuyang City(浏阳市), Ningxiang City(宁乡市)
Zhuzhou 11,262 4,21,500(2017) Tianyuan District(天元区), Lusong District(芦淞区), Hetang District(荷塘区), Shifeng District(石峰区), Lukou District(渌口区), You County(攸县), Chaling County(茶陵县), Yanling County(炎陵县), Liling City(醴陵市), Yunlong Demonstration Area(云龙示范区)
Xiangtan 5,005.8 2,838,000(2016) Yuhu District(雨湖区), Yuetang District(岳塘区), Xiangxiang City(湘乡市), Shaoshan City(韶山市), Xiangtan County(湘潭县), 
Hengyang 15.310 7,205,300(2017) Yanfeng District(雁峰区), Shigu District(石鼓区), Zhuhui District(珠晖区), Zhengxiang District(蒸湘区), Nanyue District(南岳区), Hengyang County(衡阳县), Hengnan County(衡南县), Hengshan County(衡山县), Hengdong County(祁东县), Qidong County(祁东县), Leiyang City(耒阳市), Changning City(常宁市)
Shaoyang 20,829 8,300,800(2016) Shuangqing District(双清区), Daxiang District
(大祥区),Beita District(北塔区), Shaodong County(邵东县), Xinshao County(新邵县), Shaoyang County(邵阳县), Longhui County(隆回县), Dongkou County(洞口县), Suining County(绥宁县), Xinning County(新宁县), Chengbu Miao Autonomous County(城步苗族自治县), Wugang City(武冈市)
Yueyang 15,019.2 5,681,100(2016) Yueyanglou District(岳阳楼区), Yunxi District(云溪区), Junshan District(君山区), Xiangyin County(湘阴县),  Yueyang County(岳阳县), Huarong County(华容县), Pingjiang County(平江县), Miluo City(汨罗市), Linxiang City(临湘市),Yueyang Economic and Technological Development Zone(National Level)(岳阳经济技术开发区(国家级)), Chenglingji Lingang Industrial New District(城陵矶临港产业新区), Nanhu New District (南湖新区), Quyuan Management District(屈原管理区)
Changde 18,189.8 5,827,000(2018) Anxiang County(安乡县), Hanshou County(汉寿县), Taoyuan County(桃源县), Linli County(临澧县), Shimen County(石门县), Li County(澧县), Wuling District(武陵区), Dingcheng District(鼎城区), Jinshi City(津市市), Liuye Lake Resort Area(柳叶湖旅游度假区), Xihu Management Area(西湖管理区), West Dongting Management Area(西洞庭管理区), Taohuayuan Tourism Management Area(Planned), Changde Economic and Technological Development Area(常德经济技术开发区)
Zhangjiajie 9,653 1,700,000(2013) Yongding District(永定区), Wulingyuan District(武陵源区), Cili County(慈利), Sangzhi County(桑植县)
Yiyang 1,2144 4,392,000(2017) Anhua County(安化县), Taojiang County(桃江县), Nan County(南县), Yuanjiang City(沅江市), Ziyang District(资阳区), Heshan District(赫山区), Datonghu District(大通湖区)
Loudi 8,117.6 3,917,600(2018) Louxing District(娄星区), Lengshuijiang City(冷水江市), Lianyuan City(涟源市), Shuangfeng County(双峰县),Xinhua County(新化县)
Chenzhou 19,387 4,731,000(2017) Beihu District(北湖区), Suxian District(苏仙区), Guiyang County(桂阳县), Yizhang County(宜章县), Yongxing County(永兴县), Jiahe County(嘉禾县), Linwu County(临武县), Rucheng County(汝城县), Guidong County(桂东县), Anren County(安仁县), Zixing City(资兴市)
Yongzhou 22,441 5,479,700(2017) Lingling District(零陵区) and Lengshuitan District(冷水滩区), Shuangpai County(双牌县), Qiyang County(祁阳县), Dong'an County(东安县), Daoxian County(道县), Ningyuan County(宁远县), Xintian County(新田县), Lanshan County(蓝山县), Jiangyong County(江永县), Jianghua Yao Autonomous County(江华瑶族自治县), Huilongwei Management Area(回龙圩管理区) and Jindong Management Area(金洞管理区)
Huaihua 27,564.3 4,960,000(2017) Hecheng District(鹤城区), Hongjiang City(洪江市), Zhongfang County(中方县), Yuanling County(沅陵县), Chenxi County(辰溪县), Xupu County(溆浦县), Huitong County(会同县), Mayang Miao Autonomous County(麻阳苗族自治县), Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County(新晃侗族自治县), Zhijiang Yi Autonomous County(芷江侗族自治县), Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County(靖州苗族侗族自治县), Tongdao Yi Autonomous County(通道侗族自治县), Hongjiang District Management Committee(洪江区管委会)
Xiangxi  2,7564.3 4,960,000(2017) Jishou City(吉首市), Luxi County(泸溪县), Fenghuang County(凤凰县), Huayuan County(花垣县), Baojing County(保靖县), Guzhang County(古丈县), Yongshun County(永顺县), Longshan County(龙山县), Xiangxi Economic Development Zone(湘西经济开发区)

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