Dunhuang Education

Dunhuang education will give you information about educational institues in Dunhuang including  specialized secondary school, high school and middle school, primary and pre-schhol edcation, which may be helpful for your education tours in Dunhuang. 

As of 2017, Dunhuang City had 1 general secondary specialized school, 1 senior high school, 9 nine-year education schools, 2 junior high schools and 21 primary schools.

School and Student Numbers in 2018

  Recruit  Number  Internal Student  Graduate Student 
 Specialized Secondary School 393 1156 165
High School  1071 3363 1091
Middle  School  180210 5553 2061
 Primary School  1395 9912 1829
 Kindergartens / 4412 /
 Special Education / 62 /

The general secondary specialized school in Dunhuang CityDunhuang College of Northwest Normal University (西北师范大学敦煌学院).
Note: the first university in Dunhuang City - The University of Dunhuang (敦煌大学) is under preparation.

Major high schools & middle schools in Dunhuang City: Dunhuang No. 3 High School (敦煌三中), Dunhuang No. 1 High School(敦煌一中), Dunhuang Middle School and Dunhuang No.2 Middle School. 

Major primary schools in Dunhuang City: Dunhuang Banqiao Primary School (敦煌板桥小学) and Beijie Primary School (北街小学).

Special education schools in Dunhuang City: Dunhuang Special Education Center (敦煌市特殊教育中心)

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