Dailuo Ding of Mount Wutai

Why is Dai Luoding in Mount Wutai is so special?

Dai Luoding (黛螺顶) is an ancient temple with a long history and a unique style in Wutai Mountain. Dai Luoding, the first name of Qingfeng, the first name of temple is Fodingan (佛顶庵), at Ming Dynasty, the temple was renamed as Dai Luoding.

Where is Dai Luoding?

Dai Luoding is located at Mount Wutai Scenic Area, Xinzhou City, Shanxi province, China, and the address in Chinese is: 山西省忻州市五台山风景区
The temple is about 209 km from Taiyuan (太原), the capital of Shanxi province, and about 143 km from Xinzhou (忻州). 

How to get There?

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Independent Travel

For Independent travelers you can

It takes about 2 hour and a half for drive from Xinzhou city to Dai Luoding, and about 3 hours from Taiyuan city to Dai Luoding.

Main Attractions of Dai Luoding

Dazhi Road

Dazhi Road (大智路) is the path way to Dai Luoding. Its total length is 108 meters, the width is 2.2 meters, all paved with Wutaishan stone, with a total of 1080 steps, named “Dazhi Road”, which means the road of great wisdom. According to monks, walking on the Dazhi Road and stepping on the 1080 steps can bring wisdom, eliminate worries, turn bad luck into good luck, and lead a happy life.

Scenery View Pavilion

Scenery View Pavilion (望景亭) is a white marble pavilion in Dai Luoding. In the pavilion, you can find the temples are situated among the green mountains while enjoy the fresh air.

Tianwang Hall

Tianwang Hall (天王殿) is a important hall in Dai luoding. There are three rooms of the hall, for the hall, the statues of Vaiśravaṇa, Virūḍhaka, Dhṛtarāṣṭra, and Virūpākṣa are in side.

Manjusri Hall

Manjusri Hall (五方文殊殿) is the main hall of Dai Luoding. Inside the hall, is the Manjusri Bronze Statue, its height is about 2 meters.

Nearby Attractions

Useful Travel Tips

Before visit a Buddhist temple,  it would be better for you to do some research about Buddhism, and Chinese architecture, so that you can get a better travel experience in Dai Luoding. What’s more, it’s necessary for you to know some Buddhist taboos and customs before your tour. Our top recommended is travel with a local tourist.