Beijing Metro Line 16 fully covered by 5G network

Metro Line 16 in Beijing has achieved full 5G signal coverage, the first in the country to do so, the operator Beijing MTR Corporation said last Friday.

Technicians with Beijing MTR and China Mobile completed the equipment installation and testing in 10 stations and 9 tunnel sites along the north section of Line 16 this May, and achieved full 5G coverage of all stations and tunnels.

Test results showed that the download speed on platforms was 933 Mbps, with an upload speed of 87 Mbps, much higher than the existing 4G network.

The transmission rates would support HD video live broadcasting, HD video calls, real-time VR monitoring and other 5G services.

The other three metro lines operated by BeijingMTR — Line 4, Daxing Line and Line 14, will gradually achieve full 5G coverage in the future, the company said.

Beijing Metro line 16, the north-south backbone of Beijing’s rail network, has seen increasing passenger traffic since it opened the north section at the end of 2016.

Source: Xinhua                                                                                                    Update: July 3, 2019