Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area in Taizhou

Where is Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area?

Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area is located in Tiantai Mountain in Tiantai County, Eastern and central Zhejiang Province. It is a famous mountain in eastern Zhejiang Province, with Ninghai and Sanmen in the east, Pan’an in the west, Xianju in the south, Linhai in the north, Xinchang in the north, Mianbo in the east. 

Why is Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area So Special?

Famous for its “Buddhist Taoist Source and beautiful scenery”, it is the birthplace of Tiantai Sect of Buddhism and Nanzong Sect of Taoism in China, as well as the birthplace of Jigong, a living Buddha. In 2000, Tiantai Mountain was awarded the first batch of China’s 4A-level tourist areas by the National Tourism Administration.

Main Attractions of Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area

The main scenic spots are Guoqing Temple, Shiliang, Chicheng Mountain, Hanshan Lake, Huading Peak, etc. Guoqing Temple is a national cultural relic protection unit, and also the ancestral court of Japanese and Korean Buddhism Tiantai Sect. Shiliang Falls is also one of the top ten scenic spots in Zhejiang Province. The main peak, Huading Mountain, is in the northeast of Tiantai County, with an elevation of 1098 meters.

How to Get to Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area?

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Independent Travel


There are two passenger stations in Tiantai County, i.e. west station and north bus station. The express passenger from Hangzhou to Tiantai is getting on at Jiubao bus central station in Hangzhou. There are 20 flights a day. The fare is 79 yuan.

Useful Travel Tips 

Admission Ticket

Guoqing scenic spot: 10 yuan
Shiliang scenic spot: 60 yuan
Guoqing + Shiliang: 70 yuan
Huading: 50 yuan
Qiongtai: 65 yuan
Chicheng mountain: 15 yuan


  •  The temperature difference in the morning and evening of Tiantai Mountain is large, especially when you go to Huading and Beishan, you should keep warm and take a coat. The temperature on the mountain is generally 5-6 degrees lower than that under the mountain;
  •  If you go to the water, take some anti insect medicine. When summer comes, the mosquitoes in those places are still fierce.
  • Remember to bring more food, navigation and other equipment, and don’t forget, in case you get lost, you can find them slowly.

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