Xian Trains

Xi ‘an enjoys a well-developed railway transportation. There are three railway stations, namely Xi’an Railway Station, North Railway Station and Xi’an South Railway Station. Xi ‘an Railway Station is located in the center of the city, near the intersection of subway lines 1 and 2, “North Street” Station. Xi ‘an South Railway Station is the farthest one from the city and has the least number of trains. Xi ‘an North Railway Station is the bullet train station, near the “North Passenger” Station of Metro Line 2.  After leaving the station, you can take Metro Line 2 to the downtown area (from 6: 10 to 23: 15). In addition, the bullet train/high-speed train to Huashan also starts at the North Railway Station. there are about 10 shifts every day, the earliest one is at 9:19, the latest one is at 21:03, the second class is 54.5 yuan, and it takes half an hour to reach Huashan North Station. The latest train/high-speed train from Huashan North Station to Xi ‘an is 20:50.