Mosques in Xining

Mosques in Xining lists the most famous mosques for Xining Halal Travel. Plan your Xining Muslim Tour and enjoy a greatly enhanced Halal tours and holidays experience.Check our Xining Muslim Travel Guide, visit the Islamic Attractions and places in Xining when you take Xining Muslim Trip.

Mosques in Xining are the must-visit attractions for Xining Muslim Tours. There are 239 mosques in Xining and its suburban area. Xining’s Muslim community is at Dongguan area with the Dongguan Great Mosque as the center. Xining Dongguan Great Mosque is the largest well-preserved mosque in Xining. It also ranks as one of the four most famous mosques in Northwest China. Famous Mosques in Xining also include the Fenghuang Mosque which is worth visiting during your Xining Muslim Travel.