Casinos in Macau

For people who are non-gamblers, they are also very happy in the casinos in Macau. In order to cater a large of Asian clients, the casinos are extremely creative in games and slot machines, which you can’t have the experience in Las Vegas. Slot machines with Chinese Zodiac signs, animals, and characters are always a hit, as no one really knows what’s going on, but the randomness of the games are an experience in itself. Or head over to one of the tables that offer Chinese traditional dice games, where foreign on-lookers try and figure out the game and revel at how the progressively drunk players navigate their winning strategy with no apparent skill and 100% enthusiasm. Macau (also known as Macao) has long been Asia’s gaming capital. In the past, the casinos were all owned by billionaire Stanley Ho but in 2002 a new era of Macau began. The Chinese government stepped in and halted the monopoly and has since opened its doors to many new investors including foreigners who brought billion-dollar establishments to the island (Macau now has at least 34 casinos).