Mount Sanqingshan National Park in Shangrao

Mount Sanqingshan National Park

Sanqing mountain is known as “little Huangshan”. It is famous for its natural mountain scenery and Taoist cultural landscape. It has developed 48 unique peaks, 52 strange stones and more than 500 sceneries. It is a famous Taoist mountain. It can see the beautiful sunrise of the sea of clouds, appreciate the lifelike rocks on the mountain and enjoy the scenery on the trestle road.

Why is Mount Sanqingshan National Park So Special

According to the world heritage conference, Sanqing mountain scenic spot displays unique granite pillars and peaks, with a variety of vegetation, creating a unique landscape aesthetic effect in the world. Sanqing mountain is selected as one of the “five most beautiful peak forests in China” by China National Geographic magazine, and geologists from China and the United States agree that it is “the most beautiful granite on the edge of the Western Pacific Ocean

Where is Mount Sanqingshan National Park

Sanqingshan is located at the junction of Yushan County and Dexing County (city) in the east of Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, and Zhejiang Province in the East. Its geographical location is 28 ° 54 ‘north latitude, 118 ° 03’ east longitude, close to Zhejiang Jiangxi railway trunk line and Shanghai Ruili expressway.

● 90 kilometers east of Quzhou, Zhejiang

● 115 kilometers south of Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province

● 78 kilometers away from Shangrao City in the West

● 85 kilometers to Dexing City in the North

How to Get There

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Independent Travel

Take the train to Shangrao or Yushan County, then transfer to Sanqingshan (Yushan railway station is closer to Sanqingshan).

Useful Travel Tips


Southern Hotels: Jinxiu Mountain Villa (3 stars), Nanxing Hotel (3 stars), Tianlun Hotel (3 stars)

In the East, there are Shuiyun Mountain Villa (4 stars), Paradise Hotel, Yinhu Mountain Villa, Oriental Goddess Mountain Villa, Jinchen Mountain Villa, etc.

Sanqingshan farmhouse: in the East, there are Sanqing Family, Penglai Villa, Ancient Residential Villa, Fenshui Resort Villa, Jinye Hotel, etc.

The temperature on the mountain is low in the morning and evening. Pay attention to adding clothes.

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