Sanjiang County Dining

The Dong people's food culture also has a strong national color, retaining a strong national tradition, such as "Dong people like sour food and like eating fish". The staple food of Dong people is the sticky rice. These dining habits can reflect the national characteristics of the Dong people's food culture.  China Dragon Tours will introduce the main special local snacks for your reference. 

What to Eat in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County

Sour Meat(酸肉)

Sour meat is a unique product of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Liuzhou City, Guangxi. It, known as the one of delicious food in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, has a delicious flavor. The main materials of the sour meat are meat, red glutinous rice, rice wine, sweet wine, salt and pepper and the sour meat is made according to the secret prescription handed down from ancestors and has strong pure aroma.


When the Dong people celebrate the festivals or manage a wedding, they will kill pigs and invite the guests to have a meal, which is called as eating"Paotang". The meal must include the dish made by pork, pork belly, large intestine, small intestine, heart, liver, lungs and other parts of the internal organs. These materials are boiled with water, then cut, then fried with chili, ginger, garlic and other spices, and finally poured the pig's blood (the blood that has not solidified in the belly when the pig's belly is broken). The dish cooked in red is a symbol of good luck, so it is called red meat. Guests come to eat "Paotang" and they can eat pork and all kinds of internal organs are eaten, indicating the owner's respect for the guests.


Konjak is also known as Yaoyu(妖芋). Sanjiang Konjak has the functions of lowering blood sugar level, lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure, dispersing poison, nourishing skin, tongmai, losing weight, relaxing the bowels, appetizing and other functions.

Sanjiang Preserved Meat(三江腊肉)

In Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, the production of the preserved meat for having Chinese New Year is a tradition in the local countryside. Before the Chinese New Year, every household would slaughter their own pigs, cut the pork into pieces, marinate it with salt, mix it with various ingredients, burn the firewood to bake the water from the raw meat for a few days, then burn the shaddock peel, sugarcane bagasse, etc., After several days, the preserved meat with smoke is finished. In general, the preserved meat is kept by the locals and not sold.

Oil Tea(油茶)

Oil tea is a kind of tea originally created by Dong minority, which is loved by Dong, Miao, Yao and other minorities in China. Dong people usually have four meals during a day and two of them are Oil Tea. The refreshingly aromatic and unique Oil Tea has a slightly salty, bitter and pungent flavor. It is prepared by pouring boiling tea into bowls containing a mixture of such ingredients as puffed rice, fried peanuts, soybeans, chopped green onions, spinach, and lean meat and so on. 

Sanjiang Bamboo Shoots(三江竹笋)

With the unique landscape of rolling hills and numerous rivers and steams, bamboo is widely grown in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County. Bamboo shoots are crisp, juicy, sweet and delicious and get the great reputation all over the county. As the major material, the popular dishes are fired bamboo shoots, boiled duck with acid bamboo shoots, boiled fish with acid bamboo shoots.  

Where to Eat in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County

Sanjiang Dongxianglou Restaurant( 三江侗乡楼餐馆)

Add: Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Liuzhou City(柳州市三江侗族自治县)

Dongjia Xinyuan Restaurant(Heyu)(侗家鑫源(河鱼店))

Add: No. 6-8 Building, Jinqiao Garden, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Liuzhou City(柳州市三江侗族自治县金桥花园6-8栋)

Dongxiang Niaochao Restaurant(侗乡鸟巢)

Add:No. 23 Dongxiang Avenue(侗乡大道23号)

Gule Niuxiang Restaurant(古乐牛香)

Add: No. 39 Xinhua Road(新华路39号)

Tongtai Home Dishes Restaurant(通泰家常菜馆)

Add: No. 14 Xinhua Road, Guyi Town, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Liuzhou City(柳州市三江侗族自治县古宜镇新华路14号)

People's Commune(人民公社)

Add: No. 1-4 Hexie Jiayuan Community, Dongxiang Avenue, Guyi Town(古宜镇侗乡大道和谐家园1-4)

Yuxianglou Restaurant(郁香楼)

Add: No. 23 Dongxiang Avenue, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Liuzhou City(柳州市三江侗族自治县侗乡大道23号)

Yuegang Shaolu Fast Food(粤港烧卤快餐)

Add: No. 1 Fushi Road, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Liuzhou City(柳州市三江侗族自治县福石路1号)

Original Ecology Oil Tea Shop(原生态油茶店)

Add: No. 51 Xinhua Street, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County(三江侗族自治县新华街51号)

Yangxiaoxian Restaurant(Sanjiang)(杨小贤(三江店))

Add: No. 12 Yueliang Street, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County(三江侗族自治县月亮街12号)

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