Laibin Administrative Divisions

In 2016, Laibin City has jurisdiction over  Xingbin District(兴宾区), Xiangzhou County(象州县), Wuxuan County(武宣县), Xincheng County(忻城县), Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County(金秀瑶族自治县), Heshan City(合山市). There are 40 towns, 26 townships, 4 subdistricts, 721 administrative villages and 74 communities. The municipal government is located at No. 1 Renmin Road, Laibin City.

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Area( Population Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Xingbin District(兴宾区) 4,364.18 1,150,000(2014) Qianwei Road Chengdong Subdistrict(城东街道), Chengbei Subdistrict(城北街道), Hexi Subdistrict(河西街道), Laihua Subdistrict(来华街道), Fenghuang Town(凤凰镇), Qianjiang Town(迁江镇), Xiaopingyang Town(小平阳镇), Pingyang Town(平阳镇), Liangjiang Town(良江镇), Shiling Town(石陵镇), Mengcun Town(蒙村镇), Qiaogong Town(桥巩镇), Dawan Town(大湾镇), Sanwu Town(三五镇), Chengxiang Town(城厢镇), Sishan Town(寺山镇), Nansi Township(南泗乡), Shiya Township(石牙乡), Gaoan Township(高安乡), Zhenglong Township(正龙乡), Taodeng Township(陶邓乡), Wushan Township(五山乡), Liangtang Township(良塘乡), Qidong Township(七洞乡)
Xiangzhou County(象州县) 1,898 367,136(2014) Xiangzhou Town Xiangzhou Town(象州镇), Yunjiang Town(运江镇), Sicun Town(寺村镇), Luoxiu Town(罗秀镇), Shilong Town(石龙镇), Dale Town(大乐镇), Zhongping Town(中平镇), Maping Town(马坪镇), Shuijing Township(水晶乡), Baizhang Township(百丈乡), Miaohuang Township(妙皇乡)
Wuxuan County(武宣县) 1,739 460,000(2014) Wuxuan Town Wuxuan Town(武宣镇), Sanli Town(三里镇), Dongxiang Town(东乡镇), Tongling Town(桐岭镇), Tongwan Town(通挽镇), Luxin Town(禄新镇), Ertang Town(二塘镇), Huangmao Town(黄茆镇), Siling Township(思灵乡), Jinji Township(金鸡乡)
Xincheng County(忻城县) 2,541 430,900(2017) Chengguan Town Chengguan Town(城关镇), Guosui Town(果遂镇), Masi Township(马泗乡), Oudong Township(欧洞乡), Silian Town(思练镇), Hongdu Town(红渡镇), Beigeng Township(北更乡), Andong Township(安东乡), Datang Town(大塘镇), Gupeng Town(古蓬镇), Suiyi Township(遂意乡), Xinxu Township(新圩乡)
Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County(金秀瑶族自治县) 2,468.7901 154,600(2014) Jinxiu Town Jinxiu Town(金秀镇), Tongmu Town(桐木镇), Toupai Town(头排镇), Sanjiao Township(三角乡), Zhongliang Township(忠良乡), Luoxiang Township(罗香乡), Changdong Township(长垌乡), Dazhang Township(大樟乡), Liuxiang Township(六巷乡), Sanjiang Township(三江乡)
Heshan City(合山市) 350 137800(2016) Lingnan Town Lingnan Town(岭南镇), Beisi Town(北泗镇), Heli Town(河里镇)

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