Jining Culture

There are a lot of places of interest in Jining. With profound cultural depots, it the birthplace of Chinese civilization and Confucian culture, as well as one of the Chinese cultural landscapes with the most concentrated cultural sites. Taibai Pavilion, Shengyuan Pavilion, Iron Tower, Todaji Temple, etc.are dotted in Jining city. Then, there are lots of the most and the most valuable stone tablets of Tang Dynasty in Jining. All sorts of historical relics bring profound cultural deposits to Jining.

The culture of of Confucius and Mencius

The hometown of Confucius and Mencius, Zoucheng lies here. Their culture has been renowned at home and abroad, and attracts learners and those who love it from home and abroad. The Confucian mansion is named as “the first mansion on the world”. Taken the culture as a culture bridge, the Qufu International Confucius Culture Festival comes and brings numerous people to visit and know more about the culture.

Channel Culture

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal goes through Jining. From the Yuan Dynasty, the supreme department of channel management was established in Jining so that Jining is named as “the capital of channel”, acting as an important channel in national transportation and promoting the development of Jining commodity economy. Also, it cultivated the brilliant Jining channel culture. The renowned poet Libai and Dufu ever wandered here, writing and drinking here as well. Kangxi Emperor ever reached here and created poems.

Liangshan Culture

The name of Lianghan was brought further because of Water Margin which is one of the four great classical novels in China. Lots of historical sites here express stories of hero to visitors and give memories of the novel to visitors.

“Two-person Fighting” & Cockfighting

In Rencheng District of Jining sees a folk art drama “two-person fighting”. Performers wear special makeup and clothes, hug together and act the fighting and wrestling poses. Cockfighting is a popular forms of entertainment in Liangshan, which have been hold in Song Dynasty.