Chamdo Accommodation

Hotels in Qamdo mostly gathers around scenic spots. Apart from a small number of 4-star and 5-star hotels, there are many economic & cozy hotels or hostels you can choose from in Qamdo.

Chinese Name English Name Address Tel.
昌都金泰名人酒店 Jintai Celebrity Hotel Tea Horse Square, Shengli Street, Karub District, Qamdo昌都市卡若区胜利街茶马广场 0895-4401111
昌都茶马驿站 Tea Horse Post No.46, Changqing Street, Karub District, Qamdo昌都市卡若区昌庆街46号 0895-4734888
昌都瑞庭假日酒店 Retown Holiday Inn Qamdo Middle Road, Chengguan Town, Karub District, Qamdo昌都市卡若区城关镇昌都中路 0895-4736666
昌都饭店 Qamdo Hotel No.22, Qamdo West Road, Karub District, Qamdo昌都市卡若区昌都西路22号 0895-4825998
昌都银泰大酒店 Yintai Hotel Beside Water Resources Bureau, National Highway 214, Karub District, Qamdo昌都市卡若区214国道水利局旁 0895-4989999
昌都金泰大酒店 Jintai Hotel Intersection of Macaoba Road and National Highway 214, Karub District, Qamdo 昌都市卡若区马草坝路与214国道交叉口 0895-4837222
昌都亿都大酒店 Yeebo Hotel No.398, Qamdo West Road, Karub District, Qamdo昌都市卡若区昌都西路398号 0895-4847777
昌都铂瑞.曼丹精品酒店 Borui Mandan Boutique Hotel Kanuo International Phase II, Karub District, Qamdo 昌都市卡若区卡诺国际2期 0895-4986666
昌都泰洪主题酒店 TaiHong Theme Hotel No.357, Gadongjie Community, Qamdo West Road, Karub District, Qamdo昌都市卡若区昌都西路嘎东街社区357号 0895-4866665
尚客优精选酒店 U Plus Hotel No.196, Macaoba Road, Karub District, Qamdo昌都市卡若区马草坝路196号 0895-4982333
八宿天际假日酒店 Horizon Holiday Inn No.2 Road, Ranwu Village, Baxoi County, Qamdo昌都市八宿县然乌村二号路 18781653619
八宿迷途驿站 Mitu Post No.2 Road, Ranwu Town, Baxoi County, Qamdo昌都市八宿县然乌镇2号路口 18898050098
八宿紫宸泊阅大酒店 Zichen Boyue Hotel Ranwu Lake Scenic Spot, Baxoi County, Qamdo昌都市八宿县然乌湖风景区 0895-4566687
八宿渝都大酒店 Yudu Hotel No.2 Road, Ranwu Town, Baxoi County, Qamdo昌都市八宿县然乌镇2号 0895-4566618
昌都市朗廷酒店 Langting Hotel Tea Horse Square, Karub District, Qamdo昌都市卡若区茶马广场 0895-4986669

The recommended hotels come to be Jintai Celebrity Hotel and Qamdo Tea Horse Post. Jintai Celebrity Hotel is the only 5-star hotel in Qamdo, which is a comprehensive hotel with well-equipped facilities and all-inclusive service. Qamdo Tea Horse Post is ranked at the Top 1 among economic hotels on Ctrip, which is next to downtown Tea Horse Square and hundreds meters far from Galden Jampaling Monastery.