National Eco-cultural Preservation Area

The national Eco-cultural Preservation Area refers to a specific area set up with the approval of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which takes the protection of intangible cultural heritage as the core and carries out overall protection of cultural forms with rich historical and cultural accumulation, good survival status, important values and distinctive features. The “Intangible Cultural Heritage Law of the People’s Republic of China” implemented since June 1, 2011 stipulates that “for specific areas where representative projects of intangible cultural heritage are concentrated, distinctive in characteristics, and complete in form and content, the local cultural authorities can formulate special protection plans and implement regional overall protection upon approval by the people’s government at the corresponding level”.

Basic Information of National Eco-cultural Preservation Area

The construction goal of the National Eco-cultural Preservation Area is “rich heritage, strong atmosphere, distinctive features and benefits to the public”. According to the relevant working procedures, three years after the implementation of the overall plan of the National Eco-cultural Preservation Area, the competent department of culture of the provincial people’s government shall submit an application for acceptance to the Ministry of culture and tourism, which shall organize the acceptance of the construction results of the National Eco-cultural Preservation Area according to the application. Those who pass the acceptance check will be officially announced as national cultural and ecological protection zones and will be awarded a license.

In 2007, the Ministry of Culture set up the first national cultural and ecological protection experimental zone in China-Minnan Eco-cultural Preservation Area. As of December 2018, China has set up a total of 21 National Eco-cultural Preservation Area in total 17 provinces.

Name of the Area Region Units at County Level Time of 
Approval Time for Master Plan
No. of National Projects
Minnan Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Fujian Province (Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou) 29 2007-06 2013-02 58
Huizhou Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Anhui Province (Huangshan City, Jixi County), Jiangxi Province (Wuyuan County) 9 2008-01 2011-03 24
Regong Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Qinghai Province (Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) 3 2008-08 2011-01 6
Qiang’s  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Sichuan Province (Mao County, Wenchuan County, Li County, Songpan County, Heishui County, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, Pingwu County, Mianyang City), Shaanxi Province (ningqiang county, Lueyang County) 9 2008-10 2014-03 31
Hakka Culture (Meizhou) Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Guangdong Province (Meizhou City) 8 2010-05 2017-01 6
Wuling Mountain Area (Xiangxi)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Hunan Province (Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture) 8 2010-05 2014-03 26
Marine Fishery Culture (Xiangshan)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Zhejiang Province (Xiangshan County) 1 2010-06 2013-02 6
Jinzhong  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Shanxi Province (Jinzhong City, xiaodian district, Jinyuan District, Qingxu County, Yangqu County, Jiaocheng County, Wenshui County, Fenyang City, xiaoyi city City, Luliang City) 19 2010-06 2012-07 32
Weishui  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Shandong Province (Weifang City) 12 2010-11 2013-05 14
Diqing  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Yunnan Province (Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) 3 2010-11 2013-02 8
Dali  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Yunnan Province (Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture) 12 2011-01 2017-05 16
Northern Shaanxi  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Shaanxi Province (Yan’an, Yulin) 25 2012-04 2017-05 22
Tonggu (Hechi)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Hechi City) 11 2012-12 2017-01 9
Qiandongnan Ethnic  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Guizhou Province (Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture) 16 2012-12 2017-01 72
Hakka Culture (Gannan)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Jiangxi Province (Ganzhou City) 18 2013-01 2017-01 10
Gesar Culture (Golo)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Qinghai Province (Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) 6 2014-08 2017-01 4
Wuling Mountain Area (Southwest Hubei)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Hubei Province (Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang City) 10

2014-08   22
Wuling Mountain Area (Southeast Chongqing)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Chongqing (Qianjiang District, Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, Pengshui Miao Tujia Autonomous County, Xiushan Tujia Miao Autonomous County, Youyang Tujia Miao Autonomous County, Wulong County) 6 2014-08   11
Hakka Culture (West Fujian)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Fujian Province (Changting County, Shanghang County, Wuping County, Liancheng County and Yongding District of Longyan City, Ninghua County, Qingliu County and Mingxi County of Sanming City) 8 2017-01   8
Rap Culture (Baofeng)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Henan Province (Baofeng county) 1 2017-01   3
Tibetan Culture (Yushu)  Eco-Cultural Preservation Area Qinghai Province (Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) 6 2017-01   11

Edited by Hellen He/何琴